Main dealer quality Audi servicing

We charge just 1/3 the labour rates of the main dealers- but our team of Bosch-endorsed experts are certified to provide the exact same service.

Not only are we passionate about German cars, we’re passionate about providing superior car care services. That passion and pride in our work has helped us become Rotherham’s only Bosch-certified car service centre, one of the top providers of car care to German, British and international makes around. Our workshop is outfitted with the very latest car diagnostics & repair equipment- designed and manufactured by Bosch for their engineers in Germany- the same equipment (or even better) that can be found in main dealer service centres. Despite having the very latest equipment and some of the most experienced technicians in South Yorkshire, we charge just a third of the labour costs that these main dealer services do- mostly because their slick branding and customers’ false impression that going elsewhere might void the warrenty means they can get away with it. We choose our pricing competitively, honestly, and as with every other aspect of our services seeking to put our customers first. So at Walker Cutting we never charge a penny more than needed, even though the service is exactly the same as those who do.


Great value & exceptional workmanship

Audi produces some of the finest cars presently on the market- and cars in that class demand a higher standard of care. Performance cars require an expert familiar with the make, with access to the equipment designed around it. In the case of Audi, that means Bosch equipment- the engineering giant that makes many of the most precise and complex parts that going into high-spec German cars. Our workshop has access not just to all the kit needed for an exact, manufacturer-grade repair, but also an international network of parts and expertise that can only come from the factory that makes these impressive cars. Our status as an approved Bosch service centre means we’re in an ideal position to diagnose, MOT, service or repair any part of your Audi to the highest standards. To achieve this level of recognition we’re regularly audited by Bosch to ensure we continue to meet their high (and ever rising) standards of workmanship, professionalism, quality and customer service. We already have hundreds of satisfied customers (who leave plenty of great reviews) across Rotherham- why not contact us for a free, no-pressure Audi service quote and join them?


Audi service specialists at Walker Cutting



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