Rotherham’s Top Audi Specialist

Audi produces some of the finest engineered cars on the market and therefore demands a higher standard of care from an experienced hand.

Quality Audi servicing requires an expert technician who is familiar with Audi technology and has access to the exact equipment used by the manufacturer.

Here at Walker Cutting, we are passionate about providing dealer-quality Audi specialist services, and we pride ourselves on delivering excellent results worthy of German Audi engineering quality and performance. With our services, you are guaranteed to save 66% on labour costs alone.

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Bosch Certified Car Services

As Rotherham’s only Bosch-certified car service centre, we are Rotherham’s best Audi specialists, and also one of the top providers of German specialist car care in the region.

Our workshop is outfitted with the very latest car diagnostics and repair equipment designed by Bosch for their engineers in Germany, which is the very same equipment used by the engineers who design and manufacture Audi, BMW and Volkswagen vehicles. This enables us to perform precise, manufacturer level repairs.

Our workshop also has access to authentic Audi parts straight from the factories that produce these impressive cars. Our status as a Bosch service centre puts us in an ideal position to give you the best servicing, diagnostics and MOT testing in the region.

Why Is Servicing Your Audi Important?

Audi cars are renowned for their cutting-edge engineering, powerful engines, and exquisite designs. To keep your Audi performing at its best, regular servicing is imperative. Here are some reasons why servicing your Audi is crucial:

Prolongs Engine Life

Regular servicing includes oil changes, filter replacements, and overall engine checks. This ensures that your Audi’s engine remains pristine, reducing the risk of costly repairs and extending its lifespan.

Maintains Performance

Audi vehicles are known for their exceptional performance. Servicing helps preserve that performance by addressing issues like worn-out brakes, tire wear, and engine inefficiencies, ensuring a smooth and exhilarating driving experience.

Ensures Safety

Safety should never be compromised. Servicing involves thorough inspections of brakes, suspension, and other critical components, guaranteeing that your Audi is safe for you and your passengers.

Protects Resale Value

If you ever plan to sell your Audi, a full-service history significantly enhances its resale value. Prospective buyers are more likely to invest in a well-maintained vehicle.

Dealership Quality Services for 1/3 of the Price!

We are proud to be able to offer services for just a third of the labour costs of main dealer services, cutting out the need to pay for big brand name services. We deliver the same quality of service as major dealers for prices that are more affordable for you.

Main dealers give the false impression that to use any other service but theirs would give you a substandard result, but at Walker Cutting we guarantee that you won’t find high quality Audi specialist services elsewhere. We choose our pricing competitively and honestly, always putting our customers first with every aspect of our service and never charging a penny more than is needed.

As a Bosch approved and regularly-audited service centre, we are in an ideal position to diagnose, MOT, service or repair all parts of your Audi to the highest standards, always matching Audi’s ever rising standards of craftsmanship and professionalism. Get in touch with us today for a free, no strings attached Audi specialist service quote and join hundreds of satisfied Audi driving customers.