Our Top Drives in Yorkshire


Yorkshire has a lot to offer drivers- make the most of it with a Walker Cutting car service.

We love to explore the finest county in Britain, and although the state of some of our urban roads have drawn complaints from drivers, there’s still some beautiful drives available, if you know where to look. And while we can’t all enjoy the V8 engine and luxury craftsmanship we’d like to be guiding around these routes, as car lovers there’s nothing quite like a scenic summer drive- whether you’re behind the wheel of an enzo or an accord, a 911 or 308! We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite journeys for when you can take a more… roundabout route.


Buttertubs Pass

This one regularly tops people’s lists of Yorkshire’s best drives. The high-altitude Dales Road snakes unassumingly from Simonstone to Thwaite in the heart of the wildly beautiful Yorkshire Dales, passing the ‘Butter Tubs’- deep, mysterious crevasses that give the route its name. It’s been praised as ‘England’s only truly spectacular road’ on Top Gear, used for the Tour de France and delights driving enthusiasts with its challenging bends, climbs and dips, not to mention the stunning, rolling hillside. While it’s only five miles long, the road is so stunning to drive on, you’d be forgiven for doing a U-turn and starting again!



The Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty offers some fantastic routes for lovers of country drives, wildlife and scenery. With some great variety the ‘triangle’ route between Pateley Bridge, Grassington and Middleham takes you through picture-postcard villages, open fields and moorland, past the Gouthwaite Reservoir.



The criss-cross of bridle-path roads across the North Yorkshire Moors en route to Whitby makes this the most stunning fish and chips run in the world! If that’s lost on you- not only is Whitby town the jewel at the heart of the moors, it’s also home to the UK’s best chippy- a suitable ending for this magical tour of the wild and rolling scenery surrounding it. As for the drive itself- there are lots of routes people prefer, but the Dalby forest path from Pickering is particularly popular. Smooth farmland gives way to rolling hills, then to majestic moorland, before you reach picturesque villages and the town itself.


Snake Pass

Cross the Peaks in style! Okay this one isn’t strictly speaking in Yorkshire, but with easy access from Sheffield city centre and a famous reputation as the scenic path to Manchester and Liverpool, we thought it had to be included nonetheless. From rolling, forested hillsides offering gorgeous views across the Ladybower Reservoir, to medieval woodland, craggy outcrops and windswept moors, the Snake Pass feels like a journey through the various landscapes of a mythical England, and as an arterial road connecting two major cities, it’s become something of a rite of passage for drivers. You can begin and end your journey surrounded by life in a metropolitan city centre- in between immerse yourself in the overarching wilderness as you cut along this iconic Peak District road.


While this list isn’t comprehensive, one of the joys of driving in the most fantastic places the county has to offer is the chance of finding a wonderful new road to experience- so we’re looking forward to being able update with more in the future!  We hope you get the chance to experience these fantastic journeys in your dream car, be it an E-type Jaguar or a Bugatti Veyron, but in the meantime don’t wait to enjoy the UK’s finest roads- and Walker Cutting can give your car the optimum tuning, performance and tyres to make driving a pleasure again. Whether you’re cutting along the Moors or simply popping down to the shops, our expert team offer engine diagnostics, tracking, suspension, engine service & MOTs, fuel injector cleaning and much more so your car will be running smoother, safer, cleaner and on the whole better than before! Perfect for tackling those scenic mountain drives.


Walker Cutting is Rotherham’s top service centre and a leading provider of Bosch-accredited diagnostics using the latest, cutting edge technology. We specialise in German cars, so if you drive an Audi, BMW, VW or Mercedes you can rely on us to deliver top-quality service, often at a lower cost that the manufacturer’s garages. Even if you aren’t lucky enough to own a German-engineered car, you can trust the team at Walker Cutting to service your car or van to the highest professional standard, with a friendly, no-pressure approach so you’re in control. We’re here to help- so if you have any questions about our services, please contact us and one of our team will be happy to assist.


New Year Car Care Checklist

Start your car’s year right with help from the best auto service in Rotherham.

Want to avoid car trouble in 2016? Here are a few easy car care steps you can take.


The top car servicing & MOT centre in Rotherham is ready to help you get your car back into shape with our new year’s to do list.

From potholed road surfaces to corrosive salt, winter can take a toll on your car. Unfortunately, the dark, cold winter months that make driving the preferred option for even short distance travel are also the worst time for your car to be on the road. Salt and grit can damage paint and bodywork, causing rust and surface damage, while potholes and cracks in road surfaces can lead to more serious safety concerns. Engine and fluid problems caused by repeated freezing and thawing, and strain to brakes caused by icy conditions all add to the normal, day-to-day wear & tear on your car.  As winter comes to an end and Spring rolls in is, therefore, an important period in which to set some time aside and give your car some much needed TLC. A properly cared for car should have no trouble lasting for the next 12 months and beyond.


Check your car often

Remember to check all brakes, belts, fluids hoses and wipers. It’s important to adhere to the safety standards directed in your owner’s manual, and always let the car’s engine cool before checking. If you have any doubt at all, remember it is far safer to ask a professional- they will not only be able to check correctly, but will be able to make an assessment you can rely on, advise you on how to proceed, and instruct you on the best & safest methods to check in future. Many problems can only be diagnosed effectively by a professional- at Walker Cutting we have years of experience and top-quality equipment to check your car.


Check tyre alignment & wear

Always check your tyre alignment after winter- potholes caused by ice building up and cracking road surfaces can tyre misalignment, which in turn can worsen and hamper steering control and cause tyre wear. The state of your tyres is vital to safe driving in all conditions and it is recommended to get them checked regularly- this will also save you money in the long term by prolonging your tyres’ working life. Walker Cutting uses state of the art technology to test alignment and offer a free inspection to determine if your wheels have been knocked out of alignment.


The value of keeping your car clean

Finally, be sure to check & clean your car thoroughly in case of water damage or mud build-up. Winter mud can mix with road salt and form a solid, corrosive layer that damages your car. Be sure to remove this with warm water and check beneath your car, as this is where most build up will occur. It is always advisable to consult a specialist if you suspect corrosion damage, especially to the underside of your car, as this can become extremely serious if left. Remember to beware leakage into the inside of the car- very often rust can leave holes almost invisible to the naked eye. You can always trust Walker Cutting to provide professional, highly qualified and balanced advice.


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Which Cars Are Most Reliable?

A study of the most reliable cars of 2015 has been produced by car warranty provider Warrantywise. The reputable firm which is owned by celebrity TV presenter and motoring expert Quentin Wilson conducted research throughout 2015 and they have now recently released their findings. Here are the major results from their study.

What is detailed clearly in the data compiled by Warrantywise is that cars produced in the Far East score very highly for reliability. It is Toyota that tops the dependability standings. The Toyota IQ also came top for reliability in a separate study conducted by Auto Express. It is widely considered that Toyota’s are generally a very reliable manufacturer, a view seemingly held by most Toyota owners and car garages alike.

It is quite astonishing that the top seven car manufacturers based on reliability from the Warrantywise study are car brands originating from Asia. As well as Toyota heading the findings it is Honda; Suzuki; Mitsubishi; Mazda; Hyundai and Nissan that also score highly on dependability and that take up positions 2-7 respectively in the list of the most reliable car manufacturers.

Whilst Asian cars dominate the standings for reliability they are not the cheapest cars to repair and European counterparts generally cost less to fix. The study by Warrantywise found that Smart, who are a Mercedes-Benz owned manufacturer, had the cheapest vehicles to fix, with the average car repair costing as little as £390.

MG; Fiat; Peugeot and Ford were the other four manufacturers that the study found had the cheapest average car repair costs. Other major European car brands were also found to be relatively cheap to repair. Renault and SEAT costing less than £500 to repair based on average car repair costs and Citroën repairs cost on average £501 according to Warrantywise.

If you require a Renault, SEAT or Citroen car repair, or a thorough, affordable service or MOT, contact Walker Cutting today to book an appointment or for a free consultation. Great value expert repairs are performed on all car brands at our professional car repair and service centre based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

In the Warrantywise reliability study luxury car brands somewhat unsurprisingly came out as being among the more expensive manufacturers to fix repairs for. The average repair cost for an Audi is reported by Warrantywise to be £620 whilst the average repair price for a Mercedes or BMW exceeds £700. As a German car specialist, Walker Cutting offer some of the best value German car repairs available anywhere in the UK. If you are looking for a great price from a specialist garage contact us today to book an appointment either via phone or through our online enquiry form.

Do I Need Winter Tyres?

It has long been debated whether it is worth getting winter tyres fitted. Here Walker Cutting gives you the low down on your tyre options.

What are winter tyres?

Winter tyres, often referred to as cold weather tyres, are marked with a snowflake symbol. They differentiate from summer tyres because they are made from a softer compound which means they can perform much better in colder temperatures. They are created with a tread pattern specifically designed to perform well in testing driving conditions such as when it is snowy.

Are winter tyres compulsory in the UK?

In the UK it is not currently compulsory to have winter tyres fitted. It is though often recommended by the government and industry specialists to do so, particularly if we are set to face a harsh winter.

In many European countries winter tyres are a legal requirement. In Germany for example motorists must switch between summer and winter tyres or they can be charged with hefty fines and their car insurance voided. If you plan to take your vehicle anywhere in Europe you should therefore look to have winter tyres fitted.

UK drivers are not bound by law to have winter tyres put on their vehicle but people often choose to have them fitted regardless for their improved safety and performance over regular tyres.

Can I keep my regular tyres over winter?

Instead of fitting winter tyres drivers can continue to use their summer tyres. The problem with doing this is that whilst regular tyres tend to perform well in high temperatures they can often lose grip anywhere below 7 degrees Celsius. Summer tyres tend to struggle to provide grip at temperatures below freezing and as soon as the weather gets bad this can be highly problematic.

There are all season tyres available that are designed to perform well as both a summer and winter tyre. All season tyres are rated for use in the UK because they are a good all rounder. They are a cost-effective solution because they are competent in summer and winter conditions so can be left on throughout the year.

Is it worth getting winter tyres?

From a performance and safety perspective the definitive answer is yes. Winter tyres have been proven to outperform summer and all season tyres in winter driving conditions. They drastically reduce stopping distances on snow, ice and in wet weather at low temperatures. Critically this could potentially be life saving.

If you opt to stay on summer tyres over winter you are far more susceptible to a motoring accident if road conditions become dangerous. Winter tyres will improve the way your vehicle can perform in treacherous cold weather conditions making you safer on the roads.

Keeping all season tyres on throughout the year is an alternative and an all season tyre should be able to cope in both summer and in winter conditions. All season tyres will in theory provide more grip in winter than regular tyres do, but they will not match the performance of having summer and winter tyre sets fitted for their respective weather conditions.

People are often put off having winter tyres fitted by their cost. Winter tyres do tend to cost slightly more than summer tyres, but the price is not as high as it may initially seem. Winter tyres are only used for half the year and as a result this means that a large amount of the cost of winter tyres is offset because you will not be paying for half a year’s worth of summer tyre wear.

Having two specialist tyre sets and switching between summer and winter tyres is undoubtedly the best option if you are looking for optimum safety and performance from your tyres throughout the year. You can keep summer and winter tyres and they can be refitted the following year if they are roadworthy. It is not always the case that you will have to buy a new set of tyres each time that you change them over.

In conclusion, if you are looking to be as safe as possible when driving over winter you should opt for fitting winter tyres. Their downside is a slightly larger cost but if you look after them winter tyres can also prove to be a sound financial investment as well.

Get Winter Tyres Fitted

At Walker Cutting we have a fantastic selection of new car tyres to suit all budgets and requirements. We supply and fit tyres at our specialist Rotherham tyre garage.

If you are looking to get winter tyres fitted this season Walker Cutting is offering great deals on the best winter tyres, fitted for free. We also fit regular and all season tyres at a low cost and we always deliver a highly professional and punctual service.

Contact us today or use our online booking form to make an appointment for your next tyre fitting.

Winter Driving Tips

Winter Road | Winter Check

winter-check-upWith winter looming there is no harm in being prepared and making sure that your car is equipped to deal with harsher weather conditions.

Most of our winter driving tips are checks that you should be performing regularly on your vehicle anyway. They become vital during the winter season as your car is exposed to the elements and you are faced with hazardous driving conditions.

Firstly, be sure to check your windscreen wipers, fluid levels and car bulbs. In snow and fog your wipers become more important than ever, as do your vehicle lights, be sure to check and replace any faulty wipers or blown bulbs in preparation for winter.

Headlights, taillights, indicators and brake lights all need to be working properly in order to keep you and other road users safe. Checking engine coolant levels is also essential as it contains antifreeze which protects pipes from freezing and cracking in the cold which can cause serious engine damage.

During the winter months flat batteries are prevalent. The cold weather can affect car batteries and putting heating fans on the maximum setting can cause car batteries to drain. You can get a free battery check at Walker Cutting so that you can rest assured that your car battery will survive the winter months.

Walker Cutting also have the best selection of tyres Rotherham has to offer so you can make sure you are fully equipped to own the road this coming winter. Our impressive winter tyres are designed to perform better in poor weather conditions. They are a much safer option and they are a legal requirement in some European countries.

If you are not considering changing to winter tyres you must still check your tyres in order to make sure that they have sufficient tread depth to improve stopping distances on cold, icy roads. Once your car is properly prepared for winter, as the driver you need to ensure that you drive sensibly and in a manner that is appropriate for potentially treacherous conditions.

Walker Cutting are happy to check your car over to make sure it is winter ready for free. Alternatively, we are also here to help with all general repairs should you need them, in winter and at any time throughout the year. Contact us whenever you need our professional services and we will be happy to assist.

Walker Cutting Sponsor Local Events

Walker Cutting are always keen to sponsor local events in and around Rotherham. We recently sponsored a golfing day at Tankersley Golf Club and supported a local beer festival at the New York Stadium, just down the road from our Rotherham garage.

At our golf day at Tankersley we were lucky enough to catch the best of the weather and the keen golfers taking part were treated to 18 holes in glorious sunny conditions. The day proved a huge success and all involved had a thoroughly enjoyable day. Participants appreciated a fun nearest the pin challenge where the victor won £100 off a service with us. Nobody left empty handed and there were plentiful key rings, tees and ball markers as consolation prizes, all sponsored by Walker Cutting. We are delighted to announce that we have sponsored the first team at Tankersley Golf club for the next two years and paid for their team clothing so that they look the part in top of the range FootJoy gear.


Tankersley Golf

Last week we also enjoyed a beer festival at the New York Stadium, the home of Rotherham United football club. The event ran over three days, giving plenty of time for beer lovers to consume some of the finest ales and lagers that the region has to offer. The event was a most pleasant affair, with a talented young band named The Starkins providing the entertainment. Walker Cutting sponsored the band and sponsored a bar to support all three nights. Those who attended had a great time, although some people were decidedly merrier than others!

Walker Cutting are a Rotherham based Bosch service centre who specialise in general repairs and manufacturer servicing for German cars. We have more great local events in the pipeline so we would love to see you at one of them. If you require car repairs, an MOT or servicing pop down to our Rotherham test centre and one of our friendly, professional staff will be more than happy to help.



How To Improve Fuel Consumption

If you want to know how to improve fuel consumption you should first consider that it is not all about the way you drive. Even before you have set off on a journey you can be more fuel efficient simply by removing unnecessary weight from your vehicle. If you have unused heavy items in your boot, take them out, and if you are not taking kids on a journey remove their bulky car seats and buggies to reduce the load you are carrying. If bike racks and roof boxes are not going to be in use for a while you should also consider removing these if you are looking to improve your fuel efficiency.

Keeping your car well maintained is a key factor in keeping your fuel costs down. Although you may have to pay a small fee to get your car serviced, getting a regular service will keep everything running at an optimum level. This will keep your car fuel efficient which will save you money in the long term. Your car can also benefit from a one off fuel injector cleaning service that will remove carbon deposits and restore mpg.

Being prepared and planning a journey will help you avoid traffic and driving further than necessary, both of which have a detrimental effect on fuel efficiency . Make sure that your tyres are always inflated to a near perfect level will help reduce resistance against the road; soon you will notice your MPG start to rise. Using your air con as infrequently as possible, and refraining from using heated seats, demisters and other electrical functions that your car has will also help you burn less fuel.

From a driving aspect; drive gently and stick to the speed limits if you want to improve your MPG. You need to avoid harsh acceleration and braking. Keep a fairly low amount of revs without dropping too low and making your engine struggle. As we all know, changing to a high gear early will help you to save fuel, but you should stick to the speed limit on motorways as every 1mph you go above 55mph decrease fuel economy by 0.1mpg.

Another simple driving tip is to use declines to your advantage. If you are driving down a hill, come off the accelerator and let the decline propel your vehicle and take some of the strain off your engine. If you spy an incline try to accelerate before you reach the slope, therefore seeking to reduce acceleration whilst directly on the ascent. It is also a useful tip to try and anticipate obstacles and hazards while driving. By doing this you will avoid the need to harshly brake, coming to a more gradual stop will greatly reduce fuel consumption.

Take all these tips to account and you will start to see your fuel costs plummeting. Next time your car is in for a service at Walker Cutting enquire about our Fortron injector cleaning service and see how it can boost your mpg and majorly improve your cars overall performance.

Signs of Engine Power Loss

If you have your foot fully down on the accelerator yet your car is not speeding away, this is a detectable sign of a fuel system malfunction. This may seem obvious but your car may well be performing competently for the most part but is lacking this acceleration when you are at full throttle.

The main signs of a loss of power in a car engine (Deisel & Petrol Engine)

Similarly, if your car really struggles up hills and is lacking the power to successfully manage steep inclines this indicates a power loss. If your vehicle cuts out or chugs up any kind of ascent, it can be reasonably diagnosed that a clogged fuel filter is to blame. Over time the fuel filter naturally becomes dirty and therefore the fuel pump has to battle harder to push through fuel. As it does the fuel injector eventually becomes blocked.What are the signs of a loss of power in car engine?

Another signal of a loss of power in your car is a smoking or backfiring exhaust. If your exhaust is doing this it can be attributed to there being either too little fuel or too much spark; either way this can bring about power loss.

If you find that your vehicle shakes and tremors while you are idling at a traffic light, the likely explanation is again that your car is suffering from a loss of power in the engine system. If your air to fuel ratio is out this can cause a blocked fuel injector which would cause this problem.

The last sign of a loss of power in your car engine is that the check engine light has come on. A great deal of the issues that this light detects are related to power loss so be sure to listen to this warning and seek to fix whatever it is that is causing power loss in your car.

How to solve a loss of power in your car engine

You could be experiencing just one or any number of these prognostic signs of car power loss. Thankfully these ailments can often be treated with a simple fuel injector cleaning service such as Tetraclean. A simple one of cleaning procedure with the Injector Max machine at Walker Cutting will blast away any dirt that is blocking the fuel injector and restore your car power, increase mpg and improve fuel consumption.

If your car is displaying any symptoms of power loss bring it to us today and with our Fortron fuel injector cleaning service you could leave the same day with a car that has been completely re-energised.

German Hatchbacks & Superminis

BMW, Mercedes and Audi have all reported a marked increase in global car sales in 2015 and seemingly German cars are as popular as ever.

A big contributor to the current success of German cars in the UK is the growing market for German hatchbacks and superminis. In recent years there has been a distinct crossover as luxury German car manufacturers have sought to saturate the first-car and hot-hatch market. For the most part their attempts have worked, and luxury German car brands have emerged as a genuine challenger to the previous dominance of manufacturers such as Ford and Vauxhall in this popular category.

Whilst Ford and Vauxhall are still leading the way in the sales of hatchbacks and superminis, German equivalents are becoming increasingly popular. According to Auto Express, in 2014 3 of the top 10 selling cars in the UK were German manufactured cars.

The best selling German car in the UK in 2014 was the ever-present and reliable Volkswagen Golf, which sold a staggering 73,880 registrations in 2014 and was the 4th most popular car of the year. In terms of sales the Golf is sandwiched between the Vauxhall Corsa and the Vauxhall Astra, to gauge just how popular the Golf actually is. Also in the top 10 was the Volkswagen Polo, the smaller supermini equivalent to the Golf, which sold more registrations in 2014 than the Fiat 500.

The Audi A3 is another German hot-hatch that also features in the top 10 selling cars of 2014. Auto Express notes that 45,581 registrations were sold for this vehicle in 2014, making it the 8th most popular car in the UK in 2014. The Mercedes GLA, which was regularly touted as the best new vehicle of 2014 also received promising sales.

With good reported sales from German car manufacturers in early 2015, it appears that a continued growth in the sales of German Hatchbacks and Superminis is likely. Evidently, people are now seeking reliable German manufacturing in their hatchbacks and superminis and they are now a real potential alternative to a Ford Fiesta or Vauxhall Corsa.

Walker Cutting is a German car specialist garage and we are the home of Audi servicing Rotherham. Our Audi service costs are some of the most competitive around and all our servicing is carried out to the highest standards. We are also the premier Mercedes service Rotherham garage and the preferred VW Service Rotherham garage.

At Walker Cutting we provide expert servicing on all German cars and are a highly trusted garage with a glowing reputation from customers throughout South Yorkshire. The growing rise in the popularity of German hatchbacks and superminis means you need a name you can trust to call upon when you need to fix and service German vehicles.

Luckily, you can rely on Walker Cutting for a knowledgeable and dependable service with all German car related issues. Contact us today and make us your regular service provider.

Our Spring Cleaning Advice

Adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow and the accompaniments they bring may have taken their toll on your vehicle in ways that aren’t so obvious to the open eye. After months of dark, damp days and winter neglect, spring is the perfect time to get into gear and give your vehicle a thorough clean both inside and out, one which may help to maintain your car’s value and reduce the risk of long-term corrosion damage.

There are several reasons why the winter weather can be harmful to your vehicle. The inside of your car may not have been able to dry out throughout the cold months due to the constant inundation of wet shoes and clothes bringing in moisture, and there not being the heat or ventilation to allow it to dry out. Your car upholstery may also be stained with dampness; it is advisable to wash these with upholstery cleaner, but do not use too much liquid and make sure you clean on a relatively sunny day to allow your car to be aired out and left well ventilated for a significant amount of time.

Remove winter grime from internal paintwork and surfaces with warm water and a suitable car shampoo, paying particular attention to the undersides of doors and making sure that all shampoo is washed off before drying the car. Rain water penetration and retention under the carpet mats leave wet patches and dampness. The point of water entry isn’t always obvious to the naked eye, so this will need to be investigated thoroughly by an expert.

The underneath of the car takes the worst hit during the winter weather; this is particularly damaging to your vehicle if you drive in mud laden conditions. The salt used to grit roads in icy and snowy conditions is corrosive, and if left on the underneath of your vehicle, can cause severe rusting damage to your paintwork and car body.

After a pot-holed winter, check your wheel and tyre alignment, for misaligned tyres wear out more quickly. Here at Walker Cutting, our Bosch approved service centre provides the best steering alignment repair Rotherham has to offer. Your tyre tread will become worn over time, and though the legal minimum is 1.6mm, we strongly recommend you have at least 3mm. Another important aspect of tyre safety is their pressure, which should be systematically checked once per month. When your tyres are under-inflated your car’s handling will seriously deteriorate, causing it to often behave erratically and unpredictably, ensuring it to be a road safety hazard.

Service and MOT Rotherham.

If you have any queries about the above advice please to do not hesitate to get in touch with us, here at walker Cutting we are happy to help and offer our advice. Contact us on 01709 828220 today for your free, no obligatory quote.