Car tyre care tips & maintenance

As Autumn and Winter approach it’s important to make sure that you have carried out the proper checks on how to prepare your car for winter.

One important aspect of your car that you need to make sure it is properly up to scratch is the condition of your tyres. 

Your tyres see constant use and the most wear and tear out of all the consumables on your car. They’re also one of the most vital parts for your car’s safety.

Why it’s important to properly care for your tyres

You tyre tread is important for road safety as it gives your tyres grip on the road surface. During heavy or extended periods of rainfall, there will be a layer of water which your tyre treads will be used to push water out of the way.

If your tyre treads wear down too much you could end up skidding or aquaplaning on the road at high speeds as your car fails to grip the road’s surface. 

How to check your tyre tread depth

The DVLA rules state that the minimum tread depth is 1.6mm, or about the size of the rim of a 20p coin. If any part of the tyre tread goes below the threshold, the tyres should be replaced immediately.

Many modern tyres come with ways that let you quickly check the tread depth of your tyres. Usually this takes the form of a bump inside the tread groove which indicates where the minimum tread should be.

Besides worn tyre treads, there are a few other signs to look out for that mean that your tyres may be unsafe and require assessment by a professional technician. These could be:

  • Cracks
  • Bulges
  • Knots

You should check the condition of your tyres at least once a month in order to ensure that there are no issues that could compromise the safety of your vehicle.

Checking your tyre pressure

Making sure that you maintain properly inflated tyres is important for maintaining vehicle safety and a good fuel economy. 

Your car’s manufacturer should specify the desired pressure for your tyres. If your tyres are under inflated, this will cause your engine to need to work harder and lead to increased fuel consumption over time. However, over inflated tyres have a smaller contact area with the road 

If you’re looking for replacement car tyres or need a check-up. Contact us for an appointment with one of our skilled Bosch accredited technicians at 01709 828220 or [email protected].


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