What is Engine Flushing?

Engine flushing is a chemical additive that you put into the engine, the additive flushes the system of carbon deposits that build up over time. The additive is left in the engine while it idles for several minutes, allowing the chemical to thoroughly go through the entire system.

Engine flushing is often performed on older vehicles, that may have built up a large amount of carbon during the engines long life. Modern vehicles, however, are recommended not to have engine flush by many manufacturers, due to modern engine systems being more self-sufficient.Engine Flushing, Engine Cleaning

Benefits of engine flushing:

The main purpose of an engine is to remove carbon deposits that have built up in the engine, during the engines long life. Short distance journeys mean the engine oil in the engine does not have enough time to heat and be effective. Leading to carbon deposits left by un-heated oil. The engine flush will remove these deposits allowing the engine system to run and flow freely.

Often particles can enter the engine system due to the oil filter not being able to filter micro small particles. An engine flush will eliminate these particles which may cause problems to the engine and oil system. New oil replacement wouldn’t be able to remove these deposits.

Not only does an engine flush to clean out and flush the system, it will also remove and clean in-engine parts. These parts maybe lacking in working efficiently, as parts such as piston rings and valves will be cleaned by an engine flush.

An engine flush will also keep your new engine oil clean. The average oil change is around 10,000 miles, a new engine oil is required to keep your engine running smoothly. The engine flush before this will allow any old deposits that remain from the old oil to be removed. With the new oil being fully effective and clean.

Do I need my engine flushing?

Engine flushing is often needed when your car may have had internal work done on the engine, often work like this will lead to leftover particles which the engine flush would remove.

Often people feel they are obliged to have an engine flush on their car if they have unknown or little maintenance records of the car. An engine flush on an old high mileage car will ensure your confidence in the engine and prevent any future problems that may occur.

The more common time when an engine flush may be needed is when your car has gone on a long interval without ant oil change. Due to the time between changes, your car may have a large build-up of deposits. With an engine flush ensuring all engine parts are cleaned with all carbon deposits removed. Meaning a longer engine life in the long run for your vehicle.

Next steps…

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