German Hatchbacks & Superminis

BMW, Mercedes and Audi have all reported a marked increase in global car sales in 2015 and seemingly German cars are as popular as ever.

A big contributor to the current success of German cars in the UK is the growing market for German hatchbacks and superminis. In recent years there has been a distinct crossover as luxury German car manufacturers have sought to saturate the first-car and hot-hatch market. For the most part their attempts have worked, and luxury German car brands have emerged as a genuine challenger to the previous dominance of manufacturers such as Ford and Vauxhall in this popular category.

Whilst Ford and Vauxhall are still leading the way in the sales of hatchbacks and superminis, German equivalents are becoming increasingly popular. According to Auto Express, in 2014 3 of the top 10 selling cars in the UK were German manufactured cars.

The best selling German car in the UK in 2014 was the ever-present and reliable Volkswagen Golf, which sold a staggering 73,880 registrations in 2014 and was the 4th most popular car of the year. In terms of sales the Golf is sandwiched between the Vauxhall Corsa and the Vauxhall Astra, to gauge just how popular the Golf actually is. Also in the top 10 was the Volkswagen Polo, the smaller supermini equivalent to the Golf, which sold more registrations in 2014 than the Fiat 500.

The Audi A3 is another German hot-hatch that also features in the top 10 selling cars of 2014. Auto Express notes that 45,581 registrations were sold for this vehicle in 2014, making it the 8th most popular car in the UK in 2014. The Mercedes GLA, which was regularly touted as the best new vehicle of 2014 also received promising sales.

With good reported sales from German car manufacturers in early 2015, it appears that a continued growth in the sales of German Hatchbacks and Superminis is likely. Evidently, people are now seeking reliable German manufacturing in their hatchbacks and superminis and they are now a real potential alternative to a Ford Fiesta or Vauxhall Corsa.

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Our Spring Cleaning Advice

Adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow and the accompaniments they bring may have taken their toll on your vehicle in ways that aren’t so obvious to the open eye. After months of dark, damp days and winter neglect, spring is the perfect time to get into gear and give your vehicle a thorough clean both inside and out, one which may help to maintain your car’s value and reduce the risk of long-term corrosion damage.

There are several reasons why the winter weather can be harmful to your vehicle. The inside of your car may not have been able to dry out throughout the cold months due to the constant inundation of wet shoes and clothes bringing in moisture, and there not being the heat or ventilation to allow it to dry out. Your car upholstery may also be stained with dampness; it is advisable to wash these with upholstery cleaner, but do not use too much liquid and make sure you clean on a relatively sunny day to allow your car to be aired out and left well ventilated for a significant amount of time.

Remove winter grime from internal paintwork and surfaces with warm water and a suitable car shampoo, paying particular attention to the undersides of doors and making sure that all shampoo is washed off before drying the car. Rain water penetration and retention under the carpet mats leave wet patches and dampness. The point of water entry isn’t always obvious to the naked eye, so this will need to be investigated thoroughly by an expert.

The underneath of the car takes the worst hit during the winter weather; this is particularly damaging to your vehicle if you drive in mud laden conditions. The salt used to grit roads in icy and snowy conditions is corrosive, and if left on the underneath of your vehicle, can cause severe rusting damage to your paintwork and car body.

After a pot-holed winter, check your wheel and tyre alignment, for misaligned tyres wear out more quickly. Here at Walker Cutting, our Bosch approved service centre provides the best steering alignment repair Rotherham has to offer. Your tyre tread will become worn over time, and though the legal minimum is 1.6mm, we strongly recommend you have at least 3mm. Another important aspect of tyre safety is their pressure, which should be systematically checked once per month. When your tyres are under-inflated your car’s handling will seriously deteriorate, causing it to often behave erratically and unpredictably, ensuring it to be a road safety hazard.

Service and MOT Rotherham.

If you have any queries about the above advice please to do not hesitate to get in touch with us, here at walker Cutting we are happy to help and offer our advice. Contact us on 01709 828220 today for your free, no obligatory quote.

Roadside Checks and Car Servicing

The importance of a service before an MOT

Very few people realise that certain specialist policemen are trained and employed to perform roadside vehicle checks to spot defects, especially defects that render a vehicle too dangerous to drive. These policemen also have the authority to issue a ‘prohibition notice’, which could be instantaneous, or could come in to effect in a number of days, putting the vehicle out of use until the problem is resolved. This depends on the number and severity of defects found, and is intended to ensure that all motorists accept full responsibility for their vehicle and its safety on the road.

These spot checks set out to certify that the vehicle isn’t breaching any road safety rules and regulations, acting as a matter of public interest and concern. Unbelievably, one in five cars brought to a test centre for their MOT test are deemed unfit to be driven; the performance of spot checks seeks to change this, making the roads a safer place for both drivers and pedestrians alike.

This fact also illuminates the importance of a service prior to your MOT, as failing an MOT can lead to severe consequences, much like the failing of a spot check. Many of the defects which could attract a prohibition are the same defects that could warrant a failed MOT test, and as a motorist, there is no avoiding personal responsibility for the roadworthiness of your vehicle.

Car Service Rotherham

Here at Walker Cutting we offer a Bosch approved car service, often undertaken prior to an MOT, and designed to ensure that every user of the road is a safe one. Although MOT test certifiers have the power to deem a vehicle unfit for the road, they do not hold any power to prohibit a vehicle from using the road; only government officials can do this. To ensure that you are not caught out on the road, or your vehicle is not deemed unfit to drive by a government official and therefore issued with a prohibition, book in at Walker Cutting, or contact us on 01709 828220 for your free, no obligation quote today.

The Importance of Engine Diagnostic Testing

Modern vehicles are increasingly reliant upon complex inter-related electrical systems, yet their system of self analysis is often not as adept. As a coping mechanism for this, engine diagnostic testing has evolved as a combination of both a manual procedure and electrical testing and repairs. Each year, over 10 million cars arrive at motor centres and garages with faulty injection or engine management systems. This is highly dangerous, as often the vehicle has failed to highlight when an internal problem has arisen.

Detecting a Problem.

One way that your vehicle signifies when a problem has erupted is via the illumination of warning signals on your dashboard, indicating that you may require an engine diagnostic check to help identify the problem. However, as stated above, not all vehicles display warning signals when a problem has arisen. The engine diagnostic testing we provide here at Walker Cutting in Rotherham grants an in depth analysis of your vehicle’s engine systems, highlighting existing problems, whilst also acting as a good indicator of any early onset problems likely to erupt in the imminent future.

Our Engine Diagnostic Testing Service.

The engine diagnostics check that we offer here at Walker Cutting tests the vehicle’s Engine Control Unit (ECU), scanning all of the different systems to provide a list of any problems and error codes. We offer first class care and will highlight existing issues with the ABS brake system, airbags, battery systems, central locking, crash sensors and the engine.

We have teamed up with Bosch, the world’s leading petrol injection system and testing equipment manufacturer to provide an expert analysis of your engine diagnostics. Bosch’s wireless engine diagnostic technology combined with our knowledge and expertise means we have unlimited access to the latest testing information and devices.

Head down to Walker Cutting today for your every requirement in engine diagnostic testing to ensure your vehicle gets safely back on the road!

5 Ways to Prepare Your Car for Winter

winter-check-upAs the nights draw in and the temperature starts to drop, we know that winter is well and truly upon us. Although usually considered a time of merriment and socialising, winter can be tough on your car and driving can become treacherous as road conditions worsen due to the changing climate. Here at Walker Cutting we want to help you to look after your car during the winter months and avoid any unnecessary breakdowns. As an approved Bosch service garage we have the knowledge and expertise to limit any issues during these dark, wet and cold months!

Here are 5 ways to keep your car in full working order during winter:

1) Take Your Car For A Full Service

If your car is due a service then it’s definitely worth getting it done before winter. Whilst cars naturally experience more problems during the colder months, a lot of these could be avoided by regular servicing and maintenance. A service will check your car’s general health and make sure that all the elements of your car are ready for the winter, such as tyres, brakes and oil.

2) Check Your Battery

Battery issues are the most common cause of breakdown during the winter months as they not only have to deal with reduced output caused by the cold, but they have the extra problem of increased use of lights, heater and blowers. Batteries which are over 5 years old will most probably suffer during winter, so it is always important to get yours checked or replaced if necessary.

3) Top Up Your Car’s Anti-freeze

Your engine coolant should be a 50/50 mix of anti-freeze and water. Over the year, the solution can become diluted if regularly topped up by water so before the winter hits, top yours up with anti-freeze.

4) Ensure your tyre have enough tread depth

Tyres are extremely important during the winter months, being the sole link between you and the increasingly dangerous road. It is vital that you check your tyre pressure and ensure that you have at least the legal minimum of 1.6mm of tread, and in an ideal world, around 3mm. If you live in a rural area or rely on your car to get into work, you may want to consider winter tyres, which are a legal requirement in many European countries.

5) Check your headlights are working at their best

As we all know, during winter it’s darker, rainier, foggier and generally poor all round for visibility. To give yourself the best chance, make sure that your lights are clean and working properly, replace any bulbs and consider carrying spares. For a clear view of the road, ensure your windscreen is clean and address any chips or cracks which could be exacerbated by the cold. You should also have a look at your wipers and check for nicks or tears.

Walker Cutting Bosch Service

Walker Cutting is the place to go if you want to get your car checked over before winter. We offer great value services on all makes and models, even if your car is still under warranty. Whether it’s a new set of of tyres of general repairs, Walker Cutting can take care of it for you.

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