Coulda, woulda, shoulda- your chance to get your car checked FREE is now. Don’t wait until it’s too late to act.

Experienced loss of power in your car engine? Need steering alignment repair? ABS Brake Repair?
Or even a full service and MOT? Staff at our Bosch service centre are here to help, with the latest diagnostic equipment. Contact them today.

The new year is the time for new plans, new goals, and new hopes for the coming 12 months. There’s a rare chance to get back on track, to wipe the drawing board clean and attack the coming year with renewed focus. One of the areas many of us hope to make a change is the subject of saving money- yet for a lot of drivers, the hope of saving money can quickly be blindsided by an unexpected car repair bill- sending you back to square one. We understand cars aren’t always the cheapest, yet leaving that nagging problem until pay day doesn’t just risk the problem becoming even more costly, it also risks safety.
Driving in all conditions means having a car ready to cope- simply trusting in wishful thinking isn’t enough to get you and your family by. At some point, all of us realise there was something we should have done, but with Walker Cutting you can make sure it isn’t car trouble that leaves you feeling this way. Our new offer of a free, no-obligation wheel alignment check and MOTs from only £30, means drivers in Rotherham have the option of saving themselves the risk of sudden car repair costs. Eliminating the risk of car cost misery has never been easier. Avoid that sinking feeling by getting the crucial info on your car’s tracking health FOR FREE with Walker Cutting. Our expert team can perform an exact wheel alignment assessment to scientific standards, with our state of the art Bosch equipment. Don’t run the risk of a costly repair. So p
lan ahead. Visit Walker Cutting today.

You can read more on the steps you can take, right now, to protect yourself from nasty surprises here.










Car repair from Walker Cutting is the best in Rotherham for quality and value: without compromising on price we provide main dealer-quality manufacturer servicing using the best parts available. We stand out for our great car repair, customer service, Bosch-affiliated status (which is reflected in our prices, parts and equipment) and our decades of experience helping Rotherham drivers stay on the road with the best car repair & servicing in the area.

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