DPF Cleaning in Rotherham

All diesel cars contain a diesel particulate filter, or DPF for short. The DPF filters out all harmful diesel particulate matter from your exhaust system, stopping it from being kicked out into the atmosphere. As a legal requirement, the DPF cannot be removed and therefore must be kept in good condition. Over time, the filter mesh can become clogged with soot, which stops your exhaust fumes escaping properly and can cause issues for your car. If left untreated, not only will this affect your engine performance and fuel efficiency, it can also cause severe damage to your car.

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    Cars do have a natural method of cleaning their DPF filter, known as passive regeneration, but this can only occur when your car is driven at high speeds for long amounts of time, such as long motorway drives. This is not practical for everybody to do regularly, so taking your car for a DPF check up is highly recommended. Here at Walker Cutting, we offer top quality DPF cleaning services at our workshop in Rotherham. We are an official Bosch service centre, which puts us in a unique position to provide manufacturer quality services for a fraction of the cost. 

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    Benefits of Keeping Your DPF Clean

    A clean DPF filter helps to ensure your exhaust and engine all function healthily, and help to lower your emissions, increase your fuel efficiency and improve overall engine performance. Keeping your DPF clean will also help to prolong engine life and reduces the risk of issues cropping up in the future. We use the latest Bosch DPF chemical cleaning equipment to perform a thorough and rigorous cleaning of the filter mesh, finishing up with a diagnostics test to ensure everything is running smoothly.  As specialists in German car repair, we are experts in fixing DPF related issues for Audi, BMW, VW, and Mercedes vehicles at a fraction of the cost of main dealers. Our Bosch accreditation certifies us to perform repairs on high spec German cars without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. This means that German car drivers no longer need to pay extortionate fees for repair work.

    DPF Regeneration Services

    Most modern cars come with a process of ‘active regeneration’ built into their ECU, which initiates a regeneration of the DPF filter through heat. However, this process can take a while to complete, and if the engine is shut off before it completes, it won’t start back up again. We can manually initiate this process, which will simulate the environment of an engine running at high speeds. This then burns away the excess soot and diesel matter from the filter mesh, leaving the DPF as good as new. 

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    DPF cleaning is a practical and affordable way of maintaining a healthy engine. We recommend having your DPF checked twice a year to avoid blockages and damage to your engine. Get in touch  with our team today for more information, or pay us a visit at our Rotherham service centre.