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Your DPF filter contains a mesh that catches the larger of the harmful soot particles, yet over time this mesh becomes blocked by the soot it’s catching. Given the right conditions, the car engine can heat the filter and burn away the blockage (a ‘burn’) but this requires the car to be driven at speed on smooth, uninterrupted journeys. Diesel drivers on the UK’s over-congested roads often find themselves unable to find these conditions, while those who live and work in urban centres find it impossible to initiate a ‘burn’ process- meaning the filter becomes more and more blocked over time. If a ‘burn’ does not happen the filter will eventually block, preventing the exhaust from functioning and requiring an expensive replacement.


DPF Regeneration

DPF Filter Regeneration is an affordable way to restore your DPF filter. If allowed to become seriously clogged the filter cannot initiate a ‘burn’- the car’s automatic DPF regeneration procedure. This can lead to serious damage to the engine, so while you may not be able to clear the blockage yourself, the filter mesh needs regeneration as soon as possible. We now offer the best filter regeneration packages in Rotherham, meaning you can safely resolve your blocked filter with a controlled, static burn. Alongside a chemical clean, a regeneration cycle in a workshop can efficiently clear the blockage and return your filter to an as-new condition.

DPF Regeneration from Walker Cutting

Some of the advantages of a clean & functioning DPF Filter include:
Improved drive quality & prolonged engine life
Improved fuel efficiency
Lower emissions
Better filter function & reduced risk of failure or blockage
We use the latest Bosch DPF treatment equipment to perform the most thorough and rigorous regeneration. We also use cutting edge diagnostic technology to ensure your filter is fully restored to a 100% as-new standard.
As a German car specialist we can fix DPF problems on all makes and models of car, but can offer additional benefits to German car owners. As a Bosch affiliated garage we use a lot of the services German manufacturers use in production, meaning you can get original quality parts for less. We can offer drivers of Mercedes, Audi, VW and BMW cars a complete DPF regeneration or cleaning to a higher standard and more affordably even than main dealer workshops.
For DPF regeneration & DPF cleaning, Rotherham drivers trust Walker Cutting.
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