Wheel Alignment Check Available FREE Now from Walker Cutting

We’re delighted to offer our customers free wheel alignment checks, as part of our commitment to deliver great car tracking & balancing services to drivers in Rotherham. Our brand new, state of the art tracking builds a fast & exact picture of your car’s wheel alignment, so our team can identify any risks to your tracking quickly and efficiently. Uneven tyre alignment can cause serious tyre wear, poor fuel efficiency and reduced control of the car. We use the very latest in Bosch laser technology to know exactly how well positioned your car tyres are- so you can make an informed decision on what to do next. Of course our team will be happy to correct any problem straight away, and in many cases for less than you’d pay elsewhere. Visit our reviews page to read what some of our customers have to say about our service.



4×4 Wheel Alignment Repair from Walker Cutting

If you drive a 4×4, especially off road, your vehicle may be more susceptible to wheel alignment problems. Over time these can reduce drive quality, increase fuel bills and lead to faster tyre deterioration. Whether it’s the latest executive SUV or a hardy farmyard workhorse, we know how dearly 4×4 owners value their vehicles- and our Bosch-qualified experts will perform in-depth tracking & balancing tests using the latest Bosch sensors- detecting even the most subtle of wheel alignment flaws.


Wheel alignment repair from Walker Cutting Rotherham

We can provide a cheap, effective solution before more alignment slips any further on your vehicle. Wheel alignment testing from Walker Cutting is the best in Rotherham- our team uses the very latest, precision Bosch equipment to build a scientific analysis of the positioning of your tyres, and now this service is available free! For more information contact us and ask about our steering alignment repair service.




Wheel alignment check from Walker Cutting