Walker Cutting are proud to be Rotherham’s top Audi, Mercedes, VW & BMW specialists

We charge just 1/3 the labour rates of main dealer service centres- for the same expert servicing

As a certified Bosch car service centre, we specialise in German engineering to make sure your high quality car gets high quality treatment. Whether you drive an  Audi, VW, BMW, or Mercedes, our team are ready to help you get more out of your car.

We offer a complete range of services including servicing, MOT’ing and repairs for popular models such as Audi, VW, and BMW. We have relatively low BMW service costs compared to other garages, the same applying to Audi and Mercedes to give you the best car service prices.

Often these cars require highly skilled technicians to conduct the services as you don’t want your Audi service completed by somebody who isn’t qualified to touch it. At Walker Cutting all of our technicians are qualified to provide a service and MOT to all of these popular brands.

We are one of only a few independent garages who are registered with BMW and Mercedes, giving us the ability to log onto your service history on the online database to quickly get the information for your vehicle. Walker Cutting is the only garage in the Rotherham area that has this registration. A BMW or Mercedes service needs to be completed at one of these independent garages or by the manufacturer, as the most recent models no longer have service books.

Bring your German engineered car to us today to discover our high quality car services at great prices.


Walker Cutting is a Bosch-affiliated German car specialist with years of experience in servicing, tyres, MOTs, fuel injector cleaning and more. We’re dedicated to keeping Rotherham’s cars running smoothly and cleanly, with the lasted fuel injection cleaning technology from Fortron. Our friendly, professional staff perform all repairs and servicing, and with frequent deals & special offers available there’s never been a better time to bring your car in for a check-up. We understand that the key to both saving money and keeping your vehicle running effectively is to perform regular inspections, and run diagnostics on any possible faults- a fault caught early on, while still minor, can be corrected simply and cheaply without the need for expensive repairs and a long time off the road. So if you think your car, whatever the make, may benefit from a look over from our team of experts, contact Walker Cutting today!


BMW, Mercedes, Audi & Porsche specialists at Walker Cutting Rotherham

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