How To Tell if You Need Wheel Alignment

Every car wheel alignment will deteriorate over time, with issues such as potholes that can easily damage your wheel alignment. Wheel alignment is adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are parallel and perpendicular to each other.  By adjusting the wheel and making sure the alignment is correct will mean your car tracks straight, meaning maximum tire life expectancy.

Wheel alignment is important to upkeep and monitor due to providing many benefits to the life of your car. Poor wheel alignment can often cause uneven tyre thread and make your car less economical on fuel.


How to tell your car is out of alignment?

There are a few symptoms that could mean your vehicle has bad wheel alignment:

      • Your vehicle may drift to one side whilst driving
      • Steering wheel vibrates
      • Tyres screeching
      • Uneven tyre wear

What are the causes of bad wheel alignment?

There are many causes of bad wheel alignment, one of the causes of wheel alignment is a sudden impact to the wheel. This can often occur by hitting a pothole or even by bumping into a curb, even going over speed bumps at speeds or at the wrong angle can be a cause of bad wheel alignment.

Parts that naturally wear over time can also cause bad wheel alignment. Regular checks around the components of the suspension springs and other wheel components should be regularly inspected to prevent deficient wheel alignment.

Bad alignment can also cause vibration as wheels pull against each other. If your car is shaking while running down the road, check your alignment. A crooked steering wheel. Another sign of a vehicle that is out of alignment is that the steering wheel may be crooked while the car or truck is going straight ahead.


Walker Cutting Services:

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