Independent Jaguar Mechanic, Jaguar Servicing and Repair Specialists 

Walker Cutting offers main dealer quality Jaguar servicing from a specialist, independent Jaguar mechanic. We are a specialist when it comes to Jaguar repairs and servicing. Being an Independent Jaguar mechanic allows us to charge ⅓ the labour rates that a dealer would charge.

As an independent Jaguar mechanic, our team of Bosch-endorsed experts are certified to provide the exact same manufacturer service of main Jaguar dealerships, as we are an independent Jaguar mechanics.

From the breathtaking E-type to the slick XJ series, Jaguar has been dominating Britain’s roads for decades. The combination of style, performance and heritage make this 

Independent Jaguar Mechanic

one of the most beloved car makes in the UK, if not the world. In the modern age, Jaguar has adapted to the times, becoming a heavy-hitting competitor in the executive market with a combination of class, comfort, speed and incredible looks.

Independent Jaguar mechanic specialists in Rotherham

Walker Cutting is one of the few local garages to offer specialised Jaguar servicing, to the standard of the main dealer workshop. This means a superior standard of service- something we’re frequently measured on by Bosch- and access to the premium parts and kit needed to produce truly excellent car care, providing independent jaguar mechanic local to you.

Our team of expert technicians combine decades of experience with the very latest, German-made car diagnostic kit, to deliver top of the range Jaguar car servicing & repair. Refusing to compromise on customer service and quality, we’ve won awards for our superior quality servicing. Check out some of our reviews to learn more about how to like to go the extra mile for our customers.

We also provide dedicated manufacturer servicing car care, meaning your warranty won’t be affected by using Walker Cutting. Our team use the same parts as Jaguar Land Rover and thanks to our Bosch connections, we have access the very highest standard of kit, knowledge and supplies. Meaning that even the toughest car repair can be completed quickly and efficiently by our experts- to the same standard as any main dealer or franchised workshop.

By using an independent Jaguar mechanic like Walker Cutting for your car servicing and repairs, you can trust that you’re getting a competitive service using genuine manufacturer parts. Our great-value diagnostics, repair or MOT services save you money while delivering the highest standards of car care.

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