Kwik Fit Hit With Allegations


Garage giant rip-off revealed in newspaper’s sting


The Daily Mail sent thoroughly checked cars to five different Kwik Fit garages- each garage charged their undercover reporters for unnecessary work, completed work to a substandard degree or in one case, charged the for work not done.

At a Kwik Fit in Nottingham, a wheel alignment found by the Mail’s expert to be unnecessary cost the reporter £49.95, while in Birmingham a £195.95 service went up in price dramatically when mechanics claimed a £151.60 bearing needed replacing or the steering wheel ‘would fall off’. They still billed her for the original service of course, and Kwik Fit later claimed suggesting the wheel would come off was “not overselling” because he used the justifying term “worst case scenario”!

Among the other problems identified with Kwik Fit’s services are an unfixed leaking oil filter- a potential risk that cause serious damage to the engine and potentially endanger lives, and a screen wash tank left with insufficient anti-freeze. In a separate Nottingham garage an undercover reporter was billed for new spark plugs- when upon later examination they were shown not to have been changed at all.

With a £25 million profit in 2016 the chain claims to be the largest network of fast-fit centres in the UK. Yet despite the evidence laid out in the Mail, Kwik Fit defended its actions, demanding more proof was needed.

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