Loss of Power in my Car: A Helpful Guide

There are lots of reasons there may be a loss of power in your car. It’s most noticeable when your foot is fully down on the accelerator and your car is not speeding up or is gradually losing power. A loss of power in your car can be frustrating, but not to worry Walker Cutting are here to help you with this helpful guide. After reading this you will be able to identify the common signs for a loss of power in a car, and be well on your way to fixing the loss of power in your car engine. 

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What Can Cause a Loss Power in a Car?

Your car may be losing power for many reasons but these reasons can be categorized into 3 general areas:

A Mechanical Issue – the loss of power in a car may be due a clogged fuel filter or low compression

A Malfunction of Actuators – the loss of power in a car is because of a bad spark plug, bad fuel pump or bad fuel injectors

A Malfunction of Sensors – the loss of power in a car due to any malfunction of sensors related to the EFI system 

Examples of Common Causes for a Loss in Power in a Car 

Fuel Filter Clogging

A clogged or dirty fuel filter means that impurities that should be being filtered are reaching the main engine and causing problems. This can lead to a loss of power in your car and even have lasting damage. 

Clogged Exhaust 

Over time your exhaust can begin to clog. It wise to check that there is no debris blocking the exhaust or get it cleaned every so often. If your exhaust is not performing to its best, this likely leads to a power loss in your car.

MAS (Mass Airflow Sensor) Problem 

If your MAS system is malfunctioning, its not able to communicate with the engine how much air flow is coming in and out. This could be a contributing factor to a loss of power in your car. 

Spark Plug Problems 

The spark plugs ignite the combustion in your engine and if there are issues with the spark plug your engine will suffer and lose power. A replacement is essential to stop the loss of power in a car.

Compressions Issues

This is an essential part of a car’s power. If your car’s cylinder compression is too low the loss of power in your car will be great. Get this checked over by an expert ASAP. 

Problems with the Fuel Pump 

The fuel pump supplies the engine with fuel, and is a vital part of the car’s performance. If there are problems with the fuel pump this may mean not enough fuel is reaching the engine causing a loss in power, as it won’t be able to reach full power without the necessary fuel. 

Issues with the Fuel Injector 

The fuel injector supplies fuel to the inner part of the engine, where it supplies fuel for certain tasks to be adaptable to certain conditions. When there are issues with fuel injector the car will struggle to get to the necessary power to perform certain tasks. 

Issues with the Air Filter

The air filter will make sure no impurities are mixed into the engine, ensuring the car works to its maximum power potential. As any impurities getting through can impact the engine negatively. 

As you can see there are lots of reasons that your car may have a loss in power. It may be hard to identify which of the reasons it may be without professional help. Thankfully, a lot of these issues can be fixed by a simple cleaning service to get rid of the dirt, by a professional. After a cleaning service a car will be back to full power, as good as new. 

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Loss of Power in my Car FAQs

Why is my car not accelerating when I press down on the gas?

All the reasons explained above could be contributing towards the loss of power in your car. In most cases it’s due to clogged exhaust or fuel pump, that requires a quick clean by a professional. Or usually a bad spark plug that is stopping your engine working to full power. 

Either way you should get the car checked out by a professional to fix the loss of power. 

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Signs of a bad fuel pump

An inefficient fuel pump is a contributing factor to a loss of power in a car. Here are a few signs to look out for to check if you have a bad fuel pump that may be affecting the power of your car.

Inconsistent acceleration

Car dies when under a heavy load

Sputtering – where the car starts but its performance while driving is questionable 

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Why would my car suddenly lose power while driving? 

The most likely issue is that a component is clogged. A clogged fuel filter is the most common reason, although a loss of power in your car could also indicate problems with the fuel pump or fuel line. Impurities or debris may be blocking the system, which causes the loss of power in a car.

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