Looking for payment assist garages to help spread out the cost of your car repair?

Walker Cutting Rotherham now offers Payment Assist– the best & easiest way to spread out the cost of your car repair. With their service you can pay just 25% of the bill & spread the remainder over a period that suits you- the perfect solution to unexpected repair bills. With interest-free payments and no fee, they offer a great, catch-free solution to the burden of unexpected car repair bills. Available at only a handful of garages in South Yorkshire, their services are an increasingly popular way to help drivers solve the problem of unplanned garage bills.




Payment Assist



What is Payment Assist?

Payment Assist is a new system to meet the challenge of unexpected repair costs easily & without stress. Interest free repayments, zero fees and convenient payment plans allow you to make the necessary repairs to your car when they’re needed- without breaking the bank.

Keeping your car running smoothly is essential, while leaving any repairs can jeopardize safety, as well as lead to higher bills in the longer term. We understand how frustrating a sudden car bill can be- and we know the cost is a major factor in people delaying essential work to their vehicle. That’s why we believe in helping our customers as much as possible to manage with the burden of an unexpected repair. Payment Assist allows everyone to overcome these troublesome moments and avoid borrowing at excessive charges from unscrupulous payday lenders. Take control of your car repair with Payment Assist and avoid further charges on your bill that come with borrowing with interest or paying excessive fees.


Contact us for more details about this service, or visit the Payment Assist website to discover how to make budget-shattering surprise repair costs a thing of the past.


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