Payment Assist Garage in Rotherham

Here at Walker Cutting, we are proud to now be offering Payment Assist to all our customers. Payment Assist is the best and easiest way to spread out the cost of car repair, giving you a specially tailored payment plan that suits you. With this plan, you can pay just 25% of the repair up front and then spread the remainder over a period of time that is easier on your wallet. What’s more, Payment assist is a totally interest free system with no hidden fees. Payment Assist offer a catch free solution to the burden of unexpected car repair bills. We are proud to be one of the only service centres in Rotherham that support this initiative.

A Car Repair Payment Plan That Suits You

It’s never nice to be slapped with an unexpected car repair bill that you weren’t prepared for, but with Payment Assist you can lessen the blow. Their new system is designed to meet the challenge of unexpected repair costs and reduce stress for drivers. Their convenient payment plans allow for all repairs to be completed as soon as possible while spreading the payment over a set amount of time that is better for you. It can be tempting to wait for car repairs until payday, but this only risks further damage and potentially increases the bill. But with Payment Assist, this issue is gone.

Payment Assist

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We understand how frustrating sudden car bills can be, and we know that cost is a major cause of drivers delaying essential repairs. That’s why we believe in helping our customers as much as possible, and Payment Assist allows us to do just that, and helps you to overcome troublesome repair costs while avoiding unscrupulous payday lenders. Take control of your car repair payment plan and avoid further charges on your bill from interest lending. Come to Walker Cutting to avoid breaking the bank on car repair costs. Get in touch with our team for more info.

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