Roadside Checks and Car Servicing

The importance of a service before an MOT

Very few people realise that certain specialist policemen are trained and employed to perform roadside vehicle checks to spot defects, especially defects that render a vehicle too dangerous to drive. These policemen also have the authority to issue a ‘prohibition notice’, which could be instantaneous, or could come in to effect in a number of days, putting the vehicle out of use until the problem is resolved. This depends on the number and severity of defects found, and is intended to ensure that all motorists accept full responsibility for their vehicle and its safety on the road.

These spot checks set out to certify that the vehicle isn’t breaching any road safety rules and regulations, acting as a matter of public interest and concern. Unbelievably, one in five cars brought to a test centre for their MOT test are deemed unfit to be driven; the performance of spot checks seeks to change this, making the roads a safer place for both drivers and pedestrians alike.

This fact also illuminates the importance of a service prior to your MOT, as failing an MOT can lead to severe consequences, much like the failing of a spot check. Many of the defects which could attract a prohibition are the same defects that could warrant a failed MOT test, and as a motorist, there is no avoiding personal responsibility for the roadworthiness of your vehicle.

Car Service Rotherham

Here at Walker Cutting we offer a Bosch approved car service, often undertaken prior to an MOT, and designed to ensure that every user of the road is a safe one. Although MOT test certifiers have the power to deem a vehicle unfit for the road, they do not hold any power to prohibit a vehicle from using the road; only government officials can do this. To ensure that you are not caught out on the road, or your vehicle is not deemed unfit to drive by a government official and therefore issued with a prohibition, book in at Walker Cutting, or contact us on 01709 828220 for your free, no obligation quote today.

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