Car Repairs in Rotherham

Here at Walker Cutting, we provide Bosch accredited car repairs of any kind. Whether it’s DPF cleaning, MOT testing, or wheel alignment our car repairs are quality assured. We are specialists in German car servicing, being Rotherham’s top Audi, BMW and Mercedes service centre, but this level of expertise extends to all other vehicles too. As an official Bosch garage, we have access to top quality facilities and expertise, being regularly inspected and trained by Bosch themselves. No matter the size of the services that your vehicle needs, we can accommodate it, and we guarantee to save you 66% on labour costs every time. 

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    Rotherham’s Top Bosch Car Garage

    Our status as a Bosch car garage puts us in a unique position to provide the highest quality services in the region. Our specialist technicians are trained to a higher standard, as is necessary to meet the high standards of Bosch. This level of technical expertise is needed to allow us to provide dealer-quality car repairs on high spec vehicles from Germany’s top manufacturers. Superior workmanship, efficient customer service and commitment to quality are the three things we live by here at Walker Cutting. As a Bosch garage, we can source Audi, BMW, Mercedes and VW parts for a fraction of the price. This is because Bosch manufacture car specific parts, so we can access them before they go to market.

    Do We Only Service German Cars?

    While we do specialise in German full car servicing, we are equipped to diagnose and repair any issue with any road vehicle. Whether you need Peugeot repairs or a Minibus MOT test, we can accommodate you. If your vehicle has an engine, we can repair it. We represent Bosch in Rotherham, meaning our services are delivered to a high-quality standard.

    Our services are the best price in the region. So why waste time with major dealers that will tack on an extra zero to the price tag just because of the brand name? As a Bosch garage, we fall under your manufacturer’s warranty, so your car’s warranty will be unaffected.

    Quality Assured Car Services

    All work completed by us comes with a 12 month warranty for 12,000 miles. This is far higher than the industry standard, and shows our confidence in the quality of our car repairs. We also provide free, no obligation quotes on the spot, so if you are unsure about what is wrong with your car, get in touch with our team today. 



    Save Money On Your Car Repair With Walker Cutting

    Don’t just take our word for it when we say that we’re the most affordable German car specialist service centre in Rotherham: we’ve compiled some examples of the many ways we can save you money on your next car repair. We regularly check all our prices against local specialists, main dealers, and franchised garages to ensure we continue to offer Rotherham drivers the best value on their specialist car repair.

    We keep our low prices are even though we are a Bosch-accredited garage equipped with the latest kit, and staffed by experienced professionals: we keep prices competitive by charging only what the job is worth – while other service centres often overcharge because their customers simply don’t shop around. We also protect your warranty when you choose us, so there’s every reason to come to Walker Cutting for your next car service, MOT or repair.

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      BMW 3/4  Series 2.0 Diesel 2016

      Checked with local main brand dealer, September 2017

      1st Oil service inc Oil Filter, Engine oil and pollen filter.

      Digital Service Book update. Our price £142.46

      Local Bmw dealer £281.20

      Saving with Walker Cutting £138.74

      BMW 5 Series 520 20016 Saloon

      Checked with local main brand dealer, September 2017

      Full Service inc Inspection (Vehicle Check).

      Oil filter, fuel filter, pollen filter, air filter and engine oil.

      Digital Service book update. Only £295

      Local BMW dealer £586.93

      Saving with Walker Cutting £291.93


      Mercedes C220 Estate Diesel 2015

      Checked with local main brand dealer, September 2017

      ‘A’ Service inc Oil filter, engine oil, Pollen filter and Brake Fluid Change.

      Digital Service Book update. Only £248.52

      Local Mercedes Dealer £412

      Saving with Walker Cutting £172.48

      Mercedes E220 Saloon Diesel 2016

      Checked with local main brand dealer, September 2017

      1St ‘A’ Service inc Oil filter, pollen filter and engine oil.

      Digital Service Book Update.  £213.62

      Local Mercedes Dealer £357.13

      Saving with Walker Cutting £143.51

      Save money with our expert car repair service, with the most experienced and best-equipped garage in Rotherham! Speak to us today or book a service and discover why we’re the most popular service centre in the area!

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        Motor Home Repair, Servicing & MOTs

        Motorhomes are a more popular than ever, and having a fault in yours can be enough to ruin your holiday. Coming in all shapes and sizes, motorhomes are unlike other vehicles in that they can sit unused for months or years before being needed again. Whether you’re a regular weekend away-er, or only use it once a year, ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and up to the task of delivering a hassle-free trip before you leave. It’s essential to get a good motorhome servicing specialist to examine yours before you leave on a long trip, and checking your motorhome MOT is up to date. Should anything happen while you’re away, contact our team about a motorhome repair.

        Motorhom Repair from Walker Cutting

        Motorhome Repair

        Walker Cutting offer motorhome repairs at our fully equipt, specialist garage in Rotherham. lots of unscrupulous sources offer advice on fixing your own motorhome. It’s inadvisable to take shortcuts caring for any vehicle- yet one that’s also your home while you’re away, containing appliances and other valuables, is a big risk. Above all bear in mind that your motorhome is a roadgoing vehicle, larger, heavier and less responsive than a car- so you need to make sure your brakes, suspension and steering are all up to scratch. Our specialists can repair any damage that’s occurred to your vehicle, either away or at home, to an as-new standard.

        Motorhome Servicing

        About to go away? Before you pack your bags make sure your motorhome is in order and has undertaken a motorhome servicing. By dropping in for a service with Walker Cutting, you can enjoy your holidays with total peace of mind, and the confidence that your motorhome is up to the task of getting your there and back smoothly. While some drivers are tempted to give it a quick once-over before hitting the road- it’s prudent to ask a professional to inspect any vehicle before a long journey, especially abroad. Walker Cutting offer Motorhome servicing, giving you the peace of mind on your holiday. Servicing a motor is especially important due to the weight and size, checking the oil and carrying out a filter change, making sure your motorhome is topped  up with all the key fluids in the engine.

        Motorhome MOT

        Don’t get stuck on route to the site- make sure you can legally drive your motorhome before you leave! Often these things slip owners’ minds, especially when their motorhome is sat on the drive or in the garage for a year before being needed. Make sure you’re in compliance with the law- or your dream holiday could turn into a nightmare! Our team can perform a thorough motorhome MOT on your vehicle for less than you’d expect- so get it checked off your list today! While performing a detailed, efficient motorhome MOT we can also perform a precise, in-depth diagnostic of your vehicle’s system, to ensure you’re full up to speed on your motor home’s condition.

        Buying or selling?

        If you love your motorhome, it can be hard to part with it. Ensure you’re getting the best price for yours by visiting us for a detailed motorhome servicing & diagnostic check before you sell- we can also advise on any work needing doing to your motorhome, repairs can be made on any faults and we’ll get your MOT up to date- meaning you’ll be able to get a better price when you decide it’s time to upgrade.

        If you’ve just bought a motorhome, don’t get a nasty surprise on your first trip out. Check with Walker Cutting and get a thorough, professional inspection performed under the bonnet of your motorhome- repairs and servicing may need to be carried out, even if you’ve inspected it yourself and been assured it’s fine. Don’t take risks with your family holiday- drop into Walker Cutting in Rotherham and get peace of mind.

        Contact us today to discuss any motorhome servicing, MOTs or repairs that you may need.

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          Minibus MOT Testing & Repair in Rotherham

          Here at Walker Cutting, we offer quick and easy minibus MOT testing and repair at our workshop in Rotherham. Our specialist technicians are trained to perform repairs on all kinds of minibus thanks to high level Bosch training. Our speciality is German engineering, meaning if you drive a Mercedes Sprinter or a VW minibus, Walker Cutting are your ideal garage. We can perform any kind of minibus repair that you require, from MOT tests to wheel alignment, engine services or any other unexpected fault. Damage to your minibus can seem like a serious blow to your business, but here at Walker Cutting, we always go the extra mile to ensure our top quality services are completed as quickly and effectively as possible.

          Official Bosch Minibus Servicing

          We are one of the only Bosch accredited service centres in Rotherham, which puts us in a unique position to perform high quality minibus repair. This affiliation grants us access to top of the range Bosch equipment, allowing us to perform manufacturer level diagnostic testing and repairs. This is especially helpful during minibus MOT testing, as it allows us to pinpoint any fault with tremendous scientific accuracy. Being a Bosch garage also keeps us operating at a top standard, as we are regularly inspected by Bosch to ensure their high standards of repair and customer service are met.

          Mercedes Minibus | Minibus Repair & Servicing Rotherham

          Keeping Your Fleet On The Road

          When running a minibus business, it is essential to stay ahead of damage with regular servicing, and can be very detrimental if long repairs are needed. Here at Walker Cutting, we have the ability to perform our services at a faster rate than most garages thanks to our Bosch diagnostic capabilities, which allow us to pinpoint issues a lot faster than other non-Bosch garages. In addition to this, we offer Payment Assist, allowing you to spread the cost of your repair bill over a time period that suits you, with no interest on payments. Not only can we get your minibus back on the road as soon as possible, we make repair payments easier as one of the only garages in Rotherham to offer Payment Assist.

          A minibus MOT test with Walker Cutting is quick, painless and thorough, ensuring we get your minibus back on the tarmac as soon as possible. Get in touch with our team today to book in your minibus MOT test or repair service. Give us a call to discuss your needs, we’re always happy to help.

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            The best van repair, servicing & MOTs in Rotherham

            As a specialist with a passion for German engineering, we’re a one-stop shop for repairs to many of the commercial vans used in Rotherham today. We offer Van servicing, repairs and MOTs in Rotherham, Walker Cutting have trained and experienced technicians, with a high end of experience in dealing with commercial van repairs.

            As well as being the top general car repairs service in Rotherham, our expertise covers all vans and a broad range of working vehicles. If you rely on your van for work or not, we can service and repair to the highest standards, and perform an efficient & detailed MOT test too. All our van servicing, MOT and repair services are available for commercial and private customers.

            Mercedes Sprinterm Van

            Van Repair

            Vans get bumped about- whether on a work site or loading/unloading. A functional vehicle needs a mechanic with an eye for detail- and the expertise to know what to look for. We back up our years of experience with the very latest Bosch diagnostic kit so there’s no guesswork needed. Whether you rely on your van for work or not, the Walker Cutting team will have it looking and running as well -if not better than before. As a German vehicles specialist with a Bosch accreditation, we know vans like the Mercedes Sprinter, VW Caddy or Transporter like the back of our hands- and often can get parts cheaper than others due to our links with Bosch.

            Van Servicing

            Walker Cutting are able to offer van servicing services, don’t wait until you’re on a job to worry about service. If you’re running a fleet or you’re one man ‘n’ van, catching small problems before they become major faults is the best way to cheaply prolong your van’s working life. Our van servicing is thorough, rigorous and professional, meaning any issues are found & fixed for less. Ignoring it means your eventual servicing will quickly become an expensive van repair.

            Van MOTs

            If you operate a single van or several, you’ll need to stay on top of your paperwork. That means keeping up to date with MOTs and any issues that might effect your MOT status when it’s next due. Walker Cutting can perform van MOT’s cheaply and to the highest standards in Rotherham, keeping your business running smoothly and giving you peace of mind.

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              Car Brakes Repair Services in Rotherham From Walker Cutting

              Nothing is more important than your car’s ability to brake in a safe, effective and controlled way. When you press your car brakes you need instant responsiveness- if you start to encounter problems you should ideally arrange for a mechanic to come to the car, rather than risk driving it to the garage. If your brakes feel spongy, you may need to top up with brake fluid, but consult a mechanic if in doubt about the safety of your car. Getting your car brakes checked by Walker Cutting ensures safe, responsive breaking checks from experienced professional experts. Our fully equipped workshop carries the very latest testing equipment to meet demanding Bosch standards.

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                Is Your Car Suffering From One of These Common Car Brake Issues

                Spongy Car Brakes

                If you notice your brakes feel spongy or soft this could be a sign that you need to top up the brake fluid or that there could be moisture in the braking mechanism. This issue can deteriorate the performance of your brakes and so you should contact a mechanic as soon as possible.

                Squeaking While Breaking

                Hearing a metallic squeaking, screeching or scratching noise while braking this is probably an indication that your brake pads are close to wearing out and need replacing. Driving without brake pads can lead to wear on your car’s brake disks or wheel rotors, which can be costly to fix. We supply and fit the highest quality Bosch brake pads at an affordable price so you can drive safely without having to worry about your wallet.

                Burning Smell While Braking

                If you’ve been using your car for a journey that has involved a lot of sudden hard braking and you notice a strong sharp chemical smell while using your brakes, this could be a sign that your brake system is overheating. Overheated brakes have a heightened chance of failure, so you should pull over to a safe location to allow your brakes to cool down before driving again. If this starts to occur more frequently, consult a mechanic.

                How do Anti-lock Brakes (ABS) Work?

                ABS is a computer process which sensors if one or more wheels on the vehicle are locking up when braking. If the ABS senses a wheel is locking up, hydraulic valves will limit the amount of braking to the wheel. In doing so this prevents skidding while also giving you control of the vehicle. ABS will not allow the tire stop from moving, providing the driver with movement in steering the vehicle while being able to brake at the same time. Since the ABS will not allow the tire to stop rotating, you can brake and steer at the same time. The braking and steering ability of the vehicle is limited by the amount of traction the tire can generate.

                Car brakes repair Rotherham

                ABS Brakes Repair in Rotherham

                ABS Brakes are becoming more and more widespread, however while they are much safer, the need to ensure effective operation is no different. If you suspect you may have a fault with your car ABS brakes, or you see the warning light, proceed immediately to a garage or stop and call one out- especially if the light is red. Our ABS brake repair service includes comprehensive checks and tests of all parts of the ABS brakes to fully recover as-new effectiveness for maximum safety. Our team of experts can perform a detailed examination of your braking system and repair any fault in the system.

                We’re also fully equipped to replace tyres and car tracking, as well as performing a complete steering alignment repair service to restore traction on your car- ensuring you get the best possible drive with great road grip.



                Full Car Servicing Rotherham

                We are Rotherham’s servicing experts with year experience carrying out high-quality servicing in Rotherham and South Yorkshire.

                Here at Walker Cutting we are specialists in German car servicing. We are Rotherham’s top Audi, BMW, and Mercedes service centre. However this level of expertise extends to all other vehicles too.

                Certified Bosch Car Service Centre

                Walker Cutting is one fo only a few certified Bosch service centre in Rotherham. Our position as a fully certified Bosch service centre allows us to provide dealer quality services, car repairs and MOTs for a fraction of the cost. All of our technicians are specially trained Bosch accredited professionals, who provide an excellent service and offer expert advice to help you take the best care of your vehicle.

                To find out more about our great offers on German car servicing, or to book your next service in Rotherham with us, speak to a member of our team on 01709 828220.


                  What is a car service?

                  To keep your car running at maximum efficiency and protect it against wear and tear, you should service your car annually.

                  When you take your car in for an MOT, a technician will take a look at the essential mechanisms on your car and ensure that it is operating safely. A service involves a technician looking into your car more thoroughly and carry out maintenance that lets your car runs more efficiently.

                  What is involved with a full car service?

                  A full car service goes a lot further in-depth about the inner workings of your car, there are roughly 50 components that will be checked, including safety features. When one of our technicians carry out a service on your car, some of the things they will do are:

                  • Take out the old air and oil filters, and replace them with new ones
                  • Full brakes safety check, including checking the wear on your brake pads
                  • Carry out a full oil change
                  • Steering and suspension performance
                  • Topping-up the engine coolant

                  A full car service will also check in on the health of some of the other essential components, such as your spark plugs and car battery.

                  Why should I service my car?

                  For those who aren’t very savvy with cars will wonder why it’s essential after all a full service is more than an MOT and isn’t essential for keeping your car on the road.

                  The components of your car that are checked in a full service are prone to wear and tear. Over time as these components are used more, they will become more inefficient. As a result, they be more likely to break, leading to higher costs of repairing your car.

                  A full service can also improve the fuel efficiency of your car, helping you make the most of your petrol.

                  German car servicing specialists and beyond in Rotherham

                  While we do specialise in German car servicing? We are equipped to diagnose and repair any issue with any road vehicle.

                  We have special prices that help motorists save a lot of money on full car servicing in Rotherham. See some of our car serving prices for selected models below:

                  Volkswagen Passat – £100

                  Audi A4 – £139

                  BMW 4 Series – £138

                  Mercedes A-Class –  £124

                  To find out more about our great offers on German car servicing, or to book your next service in Rotherham with us, speak to a member of our team on 01709 828220.

                  Air Conditioning Maintenance in Rotherham

                  Keeping your air conditioning system maintained is one thing that is often overlooked by many drivers in favour of engine or body repairs. Forgetting about your air conditioning and assuming that it will remain in good condition without maintenance is a mistake, and could potentially risk your health as fungus builds up inside the unit when the air conditioning isn’t working correctly. Here at Walker Cutting, we provide top quality air conditioning repair services that will ensure you’re only getting clean, fresh air inside your car. 

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                    Why is Air Conditioning Regassing So Important?

                    When an air conditioning unit ages, it gets weaker and finds it harder to dispel bacteria that builds up within the unit. This results in fungal build ups growing inside the unit, which in turn mixes with the air that the air con circulates through your car. An air conditioning regassing service will ensure that the unit stays clean and clear of bacterial build ups. Manufacturers recommend a recharge of your air conditioning system every two years to allow for escape of gas from the vents of the system. We deliver a quick, easy and friendly service that will keep your air con working perfectly. 


                    Air Conditioning


                    Rotherham’s Favourite Car Care Centre

                    We provide a wide range of car services for Rotherham drivers every day, and are renowned for our customer service skills along with our Bosch approved standard of service. Our team of experts will example your air con unit and perform a complete service including cleaning, electrical calibration and regassing, keeping the air in your car clean for another two years and prolonging the life of the system. We charge just 33% of main dealer labour costs, so get in touch with Walker Cutting today to discuss your requirements or learn about our other award-winning services.






                    Car Tyre Fitting Services in Rotherham

                    At Walker Cutting, we are able to offer the widest range of quality car tyres and tyre fitting services in Rotherham. All of which are expertly fitted by our trained technicians to give you the best car service. Select the best tyre type for your car and get it fitted quickly and carefully by one of our expert team. Our technicians will advise you on which tyres would be best suited to your car’s requirements.

                    We offer budget and premium tyres in Rotherham from trusted quality brands, giving you a wide range to choose from.

                    Your car tyres are an important part of keeping you safe on the road, providing you with the grip needed. Make sure your tyre threads are in line with the DVLA’s tyre safety regulations. Since old worn tyres will create less friction on the road, making your car unpredictable in slippery conditions such as rain and ice.

                    Our Rotherham-based tyre fitting technicians will help you and indicate if your tyres need replacing, with tyre depth being a requirement to passing your MOT. AS well as checking tyre tread depth, we also provide full car service to check the health of your car’s other wheel mechanisms.

                    All premium tyres Rotherham stocked & fitted by expert Bosch technicians while you wait

                    We stock a selection of the best performance tyres in Rotherham from leading brands and great low-cost economy tyres. However, when we fit tyres we always adhere to the exact pressure information from the individual tyre manufacturer. We ensure that wheel nuts are tightly secured in all tyre fittings by using high-quality calibrated torque wrenches. All of our technicians are highly qualified so you can be sure you get great service for the best price. Our team are here to keep your car running smoothly & to an MOT standard.

                    Rotherham Tyre Fitting Garage

                    At Walker Cutting we believe that we are the best Rotherham tyre garage; come to us for your next set of tyres in rotherham and we will show you why.

                    We supply and fit new car tyres from a range of top brands and have tyres to suit all budgets. Our high trained staff undertake all aspects of vehicle servicing. Our repairs include tyres, alloys, suspension and accessory supply and fitting.

                    Contact Walker cutting today to book, or speak to our team about the advantages of new tyres on your car.

                    In addition, we can also perform steering alignment repair to your car, testing and amending any offset in alignment and preventing a reduction in control or uneven tyre wear. If you’re worried about the pattern of wear on your car tyres- drop in for a wheel alignment check.

                    Car tyres

                    Bosch Accredited MOT Garage in Rotherham

                    Here at Walker Cutting, we are one of Rotherham’s top MOT test centres. As a Bosch approved MOT garage, we guarantee a certain quality that you won’t find anywhere else in the region. Our testing is thorough, efficient, and quick to identify issues using our official Bosch diagnostic equipment. Our competitive prices 66% on labour costs every time you come to our garage.

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                      As well as German cars, our expert technicians provide the most in-depth and reliable MOT testing in Rotherham. Our MOT centre is also equipped to test light commercial vehicles, motor homes and minibuses. All our MOT tests come at some of the best prices around, thanks to our efficient diagnostic testing processes.

                      Rotherham’s Top MOT Testing

                      Based in the centre of Rotherham, our advanced service centre is a cut above standard garages. This ensures we maintain the high standards that Bosch demand of us, and these standards carry over to every service that we provide. Our friendly team will give you a warm welcome and set to work on the MOT straight away. We are proud to have been consistently called the best car service centre in Rotherham, and we work hard to surpass our customers’ expectations. We aim to make MOT testing as relaxed and hassle-free as possible, always giving an honest evaluation of your vehicle’s condition. If you car needs parts sourcing, our Bosch accreditation allows us to source factory fresh parts for a fraction of the price of other garages that aren’t Bosch affiliated.

                      In-Warranty, Manufacturer Quality Services

                      Our Bosch accreditation puts us in a unique position to perform high quality MOT testing to an exceptional standard. It also ensures that your manufacturer’s warranty is protected when you come to us, thanks to Block Exemption Laws. We provide yearly reminders for our regular customers so they know when they need to come for a new MOT test. Our services are cheaper, easier and of a higher quality than anyone else in Rotherham, so get in touch with us today for top quality MOT testing.

                      As well as MOT testing, our Bosch certified vehicle technicians also carry out high-quality full car serving and vehicle health checks.



                      Wheel Alignment Check

                      Here at Walker Cutting, we offer wheel alignment check for all drivers. Simply bring your vehicle to our service centre and we will inspect your tracking to check for any needed corrections. If they are, we can provide the best value alignment services in Rotherham. Our Bosch accredited technicians can align, balance, replace or test tyres on any vehicle. The tracking service we offer is completed with specialist laser alignment, ensuring that your steering is balanced perfectly. 

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                        4×4 Wheel Alignment Repair Rotherham

                        4×4 vehicles have increased risk of wheel alignment problems due to the weight of the vehicle. We can fix your tracking back to factory standard, along with future proofing the alignment to remain straight for longer. Whether you drive a luxury SUV or a practical trade vehicle, we can provide a quick and easy service at less than half the price of major dealers.   


                        BMW Interior | BMW Servicing Rotherham

                        Benefits of Wheel Tracking

                        Making sure your wheels are aligned properly is an essential part of car maintenance. If your wheel alignment (or tracking) is askew in any way, this can cause your steering to be inaccurate, potentially causing an accident. Over time, alignment and balance begin to deteriorate due to potholes and uneven roads. If left unchecked, this can cause uneven wear on your tyres, lead to poor fuel efficiency and unbalanced pressure on your suspension, potentially causing you to lose control of your vehicle. If your straight steering is maintained through servicing, you can avoid other repair costs such as tyre and suspension arm replacement.

                        Wheel Alignment Repair in Rotherham – Get in Touch!

                        As a Bosch accredited service centre, this puts us in a unique position to provide the best value services for your vehicle. Due to the equipment and expertise this affiliation gives us. we are certified to perform repairs on vehicles that are still under manufacturers warranty. This means that drivers of new cars no longer have to pay extortionate amounts to major dealers for their services. We guarantee to save you 66% on labour costs on every service, so get in touch with the Walker Cutting team today to book your service.

                        Visit our reviews page to read what some of our customers have to say about our service.



                        Diagnostic testing: Rotherham drivers trust Walker Cutting

                        Walker Cutting offers a wide range of comprehensive diagnostics and electrical services, using the very latest Bosch equipment. As part of the Bosch network of garages and a Bosch car service centre, we are one of the best equipped garages in the industry for engine diagnostic testing and other electrical testing and repairs. Our ability to perform exact, precise diagnostics and thorough electrical services based on years of experience is one of the reasons we remain one of the favourite car care centres in Rotherham.

                        Car trouble & car electrics diagnostic testing from Walker Cutting

                        Bosch service centres have a reputation for excellence and at Walker Cutting we are proud to be a part of that family, offering great service at great prices for a range of services including car servicing, engine diagnostic testing and more. We can offer affordable diagnostic testing that nonetheless meets the exacting Bosch standards for quality, customer care and professional expertise. We use the finest equipment available to gain a scientifically precise picture of your car’s state of health, and combined with our years of expertise there’s no guesswork when we advise you on the best course of action to deal with it. Regular car check-ups are an excellent way to stay on top of any issues with your car, and we advise you get your car checked at regular intervals, or before any long journey. If you ever find yourself concerned about any aspect of your car’s condition, a diagnostic test is definitely recommended. By performing these tests an expert can advise on any issues that may just be appearing- giving you the option to resolve these while they remain minor, and before they might develop into more serious problems.

                        We have a dedicated diagnostic technician who is trained to Bosch’s highest standards and is highly skilled in problem finding. Our diagnostic technician will be able to tell you whether you need ABS brakes repair, air conditioning re-gassing, car tracking repair or whatever is causing the problem; then we will be able to use our skilled mechanics to fix the problem and get you back on the road.

                        Electrical Repairs from Walker Cutting

                        We deliver efficient, effective electrical repairs to all kinds of vehicles, ensuring both value for money and a high standard of workmanship goes into your repair. The quantity and complexity of electrics in modern cars is staggering, and requires a real specialist to perform the safe, thorough, expert work that keeping such a complicated system running requires.


                        Contact Walker Cutting today to learn more about the full car servicing and car repair offers we have available.


                        Car Repair Rotherham



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