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Today, more and more cars are coming with air conditioning as standard- but many drivers don’t know how to care for their air conditioning system properly. We provide a full air conditioning service from our service centre in Rotherham. Forgetting about your air conditioning or assuming it will remain at as-new standard indefinitely can risk your health, the effectiveness of your air conditioning system and lead to unpleasant odours caused by fungal build up inside the unit. By getting your air conditioning regassed and cleaned every 2 years you can ensure you’re only getting clean, fresh air inside your car.


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Manufacturers recommend a recharge for your air conditioning system every two years, to allow for the escape of gas from the vents. We deliver a friendly, high quality service, efficiently and without fuss. Our Rotherham workshop can perform all air conditioning servicing procedures including cleaning, electrics and regassing. Our highly trained & skilled team of experts can offer all levels of simple to advanced air conditioning service. Rotherham drivers trust Walker Cutting for all their car care needs, and we’re confident we can perform professional car care services to the highest of standards.

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Air conditioning re-gassing and servicing from Walker Cutting prolongs the working life of your air conditioning system, reduces bacterial and fungal build up inside the unit and leaves you with a fresher, more effective air flow throughout your car.

Contact Walker Cutting today to learn more about the air conditioning repair, examining and regassing services we offer. Our expert team are standing by to answer your questions on all areas of car servicing, and can perform everything from an MOT check to a detailed diagnostics and service using the very latest Bosch kit.



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