Air Conditioning Maintenance in Rotherham

Keeping your air conditioning system maintained is one thing that is often overlooked by many drivers in favour of engine or body repairs. Forgetting about your air conditioning and assuming that it will remain in good condition without maintenance is a mistake, and could potentially risk your health as fungus builds up inside the unit when the air conditioning isn’t working correctly. Here at Walker Cutting, we provide top quality air conditioning repair services that will ensure you’re only getting clean, fresh air inside your car. 

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    Why is Air Conditioning Regassing So Important?

    When an air conditioning unit ages, it gets weaker and finds it harder to dispel bacteria that builds up within the unit. This results in fungal build ups growing inside the unit, which in turn mixes with the air that the air con circulates through your car. An air conditioning regassing service will ensure that the unit stays clean and clear of bacterial build ups. Manufacturers recommend a recharge of your air conditioning system every two years to allow for escape of gas from the vents of the system. We deliver a quick, easy and friendly service that will keep your air con working perfectly. 


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    We provide a wide range of car services for Rotherham drivers every day, and are renowned for our customer service skills along with our Bosch approved standard of service. Our team of experts will example your air con unit and perform a complete service including cleaning, electrical calibration and regassing, keeping the air in your car clean for another two years and prolonging the life of the system. We charge just 33% of main dealer labour costs, so get in touch with Walker Cutting today to discuss your requirements or learn about our other award-winning services.