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Nothing is more important than your car’s ability to brake in a safe, effective and controlled way. When you press your car brakes you need instant responsiveness- if you start to encounter problems you should ideally arrange for a mechanic to come to the car, rather than risk driving it to the garage. If your brakes feel spongy, you may need to top up with brake fluid, but consult a mechanic if in doubt about the safety of your car. Getting your car brakes checked by Walker Cutting ensures safe, responsive breaking checks from experienced professional experts. Our fully equipped workshop carries the very latest testing equipment to meet demanding Bosch standards.

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    Is Your Car Suffering From One of These Common Car Brake Issues

    Spongy Car Brakes

    If you notice your brakes feel spongy or soft this could be a sign that you need to top up the brake fluid or that there could be moisture in the braking mechanism. This issue can deteriorate the performance of your brakes and so you should contact a mechanic as soon as possible.

    Squeaking While Breaking

    Hearing a metallic squeaking, screeching or scratching noise while braking this is probably an indication that your brake pads are close to wearing out and need replacing. Driving without brake pads can lead to wear on your car’s brake disks or wheel rotors, which can be costly to fix. We supply and fit the highest quality Bosch brake pads at an affordable price so you can drive safely without having to worry about your wallet.

    Burning Smell While Braking

    If you’ve been using your car for a journey that has involved a lot of sudden hard braking and you notice a strong sharp chemical smell while using your brakes, this could be a sign that your brake system is overheating. Overheated brakes have a heightened chance of failure, so you should pull over to a safe location to allow your brakes to cool down before driving again. If this starts to occur more frequently, consult a mechanic.

    How do Anti-lock Brakes (ABS) Work?

    ABS is a computer process which sensors if one or more wheels on the vehicle are locking up when braking. If the ABS senses a wheel is locking up, hydraulic valves will limit the amount of braking to the wheel. In doing so this prevents skidding while also giving you control of the vehicle. ABS will not allow the tire stop from moving, providing the driver with movement in steering the vehicle while being able to brake at the same time. Since the ABS will not allow the tire to stop rotating, you can brake and steer at the same time. The braking and steering ability of the vehicle is limited by the amount of traction the tire can generate.

    Car brakes repair Rotherham

    ABS Brakes Repair in Rotherham

    ABS Brakes are becoming more and more widespread, however while they are much safer, the need to ensure effective operation is no different. If you suspect you may have a fault with your car ABS brakes, or you see the warning light, proceed immediately to a garage or stop and call one out- especially if the light is red. Our ABS brake repair service includes comprehensive checks and tests of all parts of the ABS brakes to fully recover as-new effectiveness for maximum safety. Our team of experts can perform a detailed examination of your braking system and repair any fault in the system.

    We’re also fully equipped to replace tyres and car tracking, as well as performing a complete steering alignment repair service to restore traction on your car- ensuring you get the best possible drive with great road grip.