Affordable, Dealer Quality Services

We provide high quality manufacturer servicing with just 1/3 the labour rates of main dealers!

Our team provide expert manufacturer servicing with the best parts & kit anywhere, with exceptional  value for money on labour. Our team of experts use the same high quality parts and kit employed by main German car dealers, combined with years of experience delivering a higher quality car care & dedication to a welcoming, efficient and professional workshop, to achieve a standard of service far above that of many franchise or dealership centres.

Protecting your warranty

Our parts and kit are second-to-none, thanks to our much-coveted Bosch accreditation. We’re frequently tested on our customer service, expertise, practical knowledge and general professionalism to ensure we continue to surpass the high standards expected by Bosch. Because we offer an award-winning service with a focus on giving our customers great value for money, we’re also recognised as providing a manufacturer-level servicing- this means we do the job to the same standards as the car’s original manufacturers would. This in turn means your warranty is protected by law if you use Walker Cutting. Learn more about why this is here. With some of South Yorkshire’s top technicians, and the prestigious Bosch network behind us, we’ve tackled everything, from the most challenging repairs to everyday MOTs and routine servicing, with efficiency and skill. In addition, as a local, independent car service centre, we’re proud to do everything we can to deliver the best customer service possible, as well as an award-winning car repair. See our reviews to learn more about how we go the extra mile for our customers. 

Breaking the monopoly of main dealers – and saving you money

High quality car care services doesn’t only come from main dealers or franchised service centres. New rules protecting your warranty mean Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche & VW drivers no longer need to keep using expensive branded workshops. We’re proud to be able to offer an alternative- a cheaper, more welcoming, and every bit as professional service. We even use the exact same equipment to diagnose, service, and repair your car- straight from Bosch. Our team are all specially trained and certified to work on German cars with the same level of precision and care (if not more) as those at main dealerships, and can bring a greater depth and breadth of experience to bear on your car. Above all, we charge just a third of the labour rates of most main dealers, and pass all of that saving on to you- so your bill for labour will be just 1/3 of that at a main dealer- for the same work. There’s no reason to continue paying more for a glossy brand when the work could be done as well, if not better, with us.

Still in doubt? Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote on your work

We’ll always offer a free quote without any obligation prior to doing any work- allowing you know exactly how much you could save before you decide. We’re always happy help Rotherham’s drivers find the best car service for their needs. We’re so confident you can save money on German car repair with us we would be delighted to walk you through the costs and outline the steps we’ll take to repair your car to show the quality you can expect is exactly the same as at a main dealer. Contact us today  using the form below for more information on our prices.





German car repair at Walker Cutting Rotherham