Fortron Fuel Injector Cleaner Services in Rotherham

Walker Cutting is proud to offer the latest automotive treatments from Fortron: the high-tech Fortron fuel injector cleaning service. If you’re interested in improving fuel consumption in your vehicle, this could be just what you’re looking for. We have invested in a state-of-the-art high power fuel injector max machine at our workshop in Rotherham, specifically designed to thoroughly clean the fuel injector system in your vehicle. This is a quick, easy and safe procedure and also a great way to improve fuel consumption and prevent a loss of engine power. The Fortron fuel injector cleaner will reduce your car’s emissions with one simple efficient service, thoroughly purging your fuel injector system and have your car running at optimum efficiency in no time. 

Is the Fortron Fuel Injector Cleaner Right for Me?

Fortron is a leading name in fuel injector cleaning, and this system is one of the most popular on the market, powerfully cleaning your fuel injector and leaving it as good as new. Carbon deposits are blasted away, removing blockages that may be hindering the fuel injector.

fortron automotive treatments fuel injector cleaning service

This ensures that your engine is receiving the correct amount of fuel, which not only helps with consumption and performance, but also with active DPF regeneration, should your car require it. This can save you great amounts of money on fuel and future servicing, and help prevent engine malfunctions. Some other benefits of fuel injector cleaning include:

  • Restores your MPG
  • Removes carbon deposits
  • Majorly improves your overall vehicle performance
  • Prevents loss of power in the engine

Bosch Accredited Servicing in Rotherham

We are an official Bosch service centre in Rotherham, meaning that we have access to the same repair facilities as major dealers, but guarantee to save you 66% on labour costs. Our status as a Bosch service centre also grants us the ability to work within manufacturer warranties, so your warranty will be unaffected when you come to us. Get in touch with our team today for more information about our Fortron fuel injector cleaner services.

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