Full Car Servicing Rotherham

We are Rotherham’s servicing experts with year experience carrying out high-quality servicing in Rotherham and South Yorkshire.

Here at Walker Cutting we are specialists in German car servicing. We are Rotherham’s top Audi, BMW, and Mercedes service centre. However this level of expertise extends to all other vehicles too.

Certified Bosch Car Service Centre

Walker Cutting is one fo only a few certified Bosch service centre in Rotherham. Our position as a fully certified Bosch service centre allows us to provide dealer quality services, car repairs and MOTs for a fraction of the cost. All of our technicians are specially trained Bosch accredited professionals, who provide an excellent service and offer expert advice to help you take the best care of your vehicle.

To find out more about our great offers on German car servicing, or to book your next service in Rotherham with us, speak to a member of our team on 01709 828220.


    What is a car service?

    To keep your car running at maximum efficiency and protect it against wear and tear, you should service your car annually.

    When you take your car in for an MOT, a technician will take a look at the essential mechanisms on your car and ensure that it is operating safely. A service involves a technician looking into your car more thoroughly and carry out maintenance that lets your car runs more efficiently.

    What is involved with a full car service?

    A full car service goes a lot further in-depth about the inner workings of your car, there are roughly 50 components that will be checked, including safety features. When one of our technicians carry out a service on your car, some of the things they will do are:

    • Take out the old air and oil filters, and replace them with new ones
    • Full brakes safety check, including checking the wear on your brake pads
    • Carry out a full oil change
    • Steering and suspension performance
    • Topping-up the engine coolant

    A full car service will also check in on the health of some of the other essential components, such as your spark plugs and car battery.

    Why should I service my car?

    For those who aren’t very savvy with cars will wonder why it’s essential after all a full service is more than an MOT and isn’t essential for keeping your car on the road.

    The components of your car that are checked in a full service are prone to wear and tear. Over time as these components are used more, they will become more inefficient. As a result, they be more likely to break, leading to higher costs of repairing your car.

    A full service can also improve the fuel efficiency of your car, helping you make the most of your petrol.

    German car servicing specialists and beyond in Rotherham

    While we do specialise in German car servicing? We are equipped to diagnose and repair any issue with any road vehicle.

    We have special prices that help motorists save a lot of money on full car servicing in Rotherham. See some of our car serving prices for selected models below:

    Volkswagen Passat – £100

    Audi A4 – £139

    BMW 4 Series – £138

    Mercedes A-Class –  £124

    To find out more about our great offers on German car servicing, or to book your next service in Rotherham with us, speak to a member of our team on 01709 828220.