Minibus MOT Testing & Repair in Rotherham

Here at Walker Cutting, we offer quick and easy minibus MOT testing and repair at our workshop in Rotherham. Our specialist technicians are trained to perform repairs on all kinds of minibus thanks to high level Bosch training. Our speciality is German engineering, meaning if you drive a Mercedes Sprinter or a VW minibus, Walker Cutting are your ideal garage. We can perform any kind of minibus repair that you require, from MOT tests to wheel alignment, engine services or any other unexpected fault. Damage to your minibus can seem like a serious blow to your business, but here at Walker Cutting, we always go the extra mile to ensure our top quality services are completed as quickly and effectively as possible.

Official Bosch Minibus Servicing

We are one of the only Bosch accredited service centres in Rotherham, which puts us in a unique position to perform high quality minibus repair. This affiliation grants us access to top of the range Bosch equipment, allowing us to perform manufacturer level diagnostic testing and repairs. This is especially helpful during minibus MOT testing, as it allows us to pinpoint any fault with tremendous scientific accuracy. Being a Bosch garage also keeps us operating at a top standard, as we are regularly inspected by Bosch to ensure their high standards of repair and customer service are met.

Mercedes Minibus | Minibus Repair & Servicing Rotherham

Keeping Your Fleet On The Road

When running a minibus business, it is essential to stay ahead of damage with regular servicing, and can be very detrimental if long repairs are needed. Here at Walker Cutting, we have the ability to perform our services at a faster rate than most garages thanks to our Bosch diagnostic capabilities, which allow us to pinpoint issues a lot faster than other non-Bosch garages. In addition to this, we offer Payment Assist, allowing you to spread the cost of your repair bill over a time period that suits you, with no interest on payments. Not only can we get your minibus back on the road as soon as possible, we make repair payments easier as one of the only garages in Rotherham to offer Payment Assist.

A minibus MOT test with Walker Cutting is quick, painless and thorough, ensuring we get your minibus back on the tarmac as soon as possible. Get in touch with our team today to book in your minibus MOT test or repair service. Give us a call to discuss your needs, we’re always happy to help.

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