Car Tyre Fitting Services in Rotherham

At Walker Cutting, we are able to offer the widest range of quality car tyres and tyre fitting services in Rotherham. All of which are expertly fitted by our trained technicians to give you the best car service. Select the best tyre type for your car and get it fitted quickly and carefully by one of our expert team. Our technicians will advise you on which tyres would be best suited to your car’s requirements.

We offer budget and premium tyres in Rotherham from trusted quality brands, giving you a wide range to choose from.

Your car tyres are an important part of keeping you safe on the road, providing you with the grip needed. Make sure your tyre threads are in line with the DVLA’s tyre safety regulations. Since old worn tyres will create less friction on the road, making your car unpredictable in slippery conditions such as rain and ice.

Our Rotherham-based tyre fitting technicians will help you and indicate if your tyres need replacing, with tyre depth being a requirement to passing your MOT. AS well as checking tyre tread depth, we also provide full car service to check the health of your car’s other wheel mechanisms.

All premium tyres Rotherham stocked & fitted by expert Bosch technicians while you wait

We stock a selection of the best performance tyres in Rotherham from leading brands and great low-cost economy tyres. However, when we fit tyres we always adhere to the exact pressure information from the individual tyre manufacturer. We ensure that wheel nuts are tightly secured in all tyre fittings by using high-quality calibrated torque wrenches. All of our technicians are highly qualified so you can be sure you get great service for the best price. Our team are here to keep your car running smoothly & to an MOT standard.

Rotherham Tyre Fitting Garage

At Walker Cutting we believe that we are the best Rotherham tyre garage; come to us for your next set of tyres in rotherham and we will show you why.

We supply and fit new car tyres from a range of top brands and have tyres to suit all budgets. Our high trained staff undertake all aspects of vehicle servicing. Our repairs include tyres, alloys, suspension and accessory supply and fitting.

Contact Walker cutting today to book, or speak to our team about the advantages of new tyres on your car.

In addition, we can also perform steering alignment repair to your car, testing and amending any offset in alignment and preventing a reduction in control or uneven tyre wear. If you’re worried about the pattern of wear on your car tyres- drop in for a wheel alignment check.

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