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As a specialist with a passion for German engineering, we’re a one-stop shop for repairs to many of the commercial vans used in Rotherham today. We offer Van servicing, repairs and MOTs in Rotherham, Walker Cutting has trained and experienced technicians with a high end of experience in dealing with commercial van repairs.

As well as being the top general car repairs service in Rotherham, our expertise covers all vans and a broad range of working vehicles. If you rely on your van for work or not, we can service and repair to the highest standards and perform an efficient & detailed MOT test too. All our van servicing, MOT, and repair services are available for commercial and private customers.

Mercedes Sprinterm Van

Van Repair

Vans get bumped about- whether on a work site or loading/unloading. A functional vehicle needs a mechanic with an eye for detail- and the expertise to know what to look for. We back up our years of experience with the very latest Bosch diagnostic kit so there’s no guesswork needed. Whether you rely on your van for work or not, the Walker Cutting team will have it looking and running as well -if not better than before. As a German vehicles specialist with a Bosch accreditation, we know vans like the Mercedes Sprinter, VW Caddy or Transporter like the back of our hands- and often can get parts cheaper than others due to our links with Bosch.

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Van Servicing

Walker Cutting is able to offer van servicing services, don’t wait until you’re on a job to worry about a service. It is vital to catch small problems before they become major faults is the best way to prolong your van’s working life cheaply. Our van servicing is thorough, rigorous, and professional, meaning any issues are found & fixed for less. Ignoring it means your eventual servicing will quickly become an expensive van repair.

Van MOTs

If you operate a single van or several, you’ll need to stay on top of your paperwork. That means keeping up to date with MOTs and any issues that might affect your MOT status when it’s next due. Walker Cutting can perform van MOTs cheaply and to the highest standards in Rotherham, keeping your business running smoothly and giving you peace of mind.

Van Servicing FAQs

Do Vans Need a Different MOT?

Vans’ MOTs are classified into two categories: class 4 and class 7. The most common category is class 4, which corresponds to the MOT requirements for cars. However, if your van is larger or heavier than a standard van, it will fall under the class 7 MOT category.

What MOT Class Is My Van?

Van MOT Testing is categorised into two classes, class 4 and class 7. The weight of your van will depend on which MOT class your van falls into.

Class 4 MOT

The Class 4 MOT is the regular test conducted for typical cars and vehicles that can accommodate up to 8 passengers. This category covers a range of vehicles, including taxis, private hire cars, ambulances, motorhomes, camper vans, most vans, and smaller commercial vehicles weighing up to 3,000 kg.

Class 7 MOT

Class 7 MOTs are specifically designed for commercial vehicles with a gross weight ranging from 3,000kg to 3,500kg. These include larger models of vans, such as the Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit. If you are uncertain whether your vehicle falls within this weight range, you can refer to your V5 registration document or handbook for verification.

How Often Do Vans Need An MOT?

Vans need an MOT test on a yearly basis, the MOT test is conducted to ensure that the vehicle meets the necessary safety and environmental standards.

When Does A New Van Need An MOT?

A brand new Van will not need an MOT test for 3 years, then after the 3 years, it will need an MOT test every year.

Need Your Van Servicing, Repairing or MOT Testing?

At Walker Cutting, we are trained and experienced technicians with a high end of experience in dealing with commercial van repairs. If you need your van looking at by one of our technicians, please get in touch with us by calling 01709 828220 or contact us here!