Wheel Alignment Servicing 

Bosch Accredited Wheel Alignment Servicing in Rotherham

At Walker Cutting, we offer wheel alignment checks for all drivers. Simply bring your vehicle to our service centre, and we will inspect your tracking to check for any corrections. If you require a correction, we can provide the best value alignment services in Rotherham. Our Bosch-accredited technicians can align, balance, replace or test tyres on any vehicle. Our tracking service is completed with specialist laser alignment, ensuring your steering is balanced perfectly.

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    4×4 Wheel Alignment Repair Rotherham

    4×4 vehicles have an increased risk of tyre alignment problems due to the vehicle’s weight. We can fix your tracking back to a factory standard and future-proof the alignment to remain straight for longer. Whether you drive a luxury SUV or a practical trade vehicle, we can provide a quick and easy service at less than half the price of major dealers.  

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    What is Wheel Alignment?

    Wheel alignment, also known as wheel tracking, involves adjusting the angles of a vehicle’s steering and suspension components to the car manufacturer’s specifications. This ensures that the front and rear wheels are aligned with the vehicle’s centreline. It is essential because it reduces tire wear and ensures your vehicle travels straight without pulling to one side.

    Is Wheel Alignment Necessary?

    Ensuring your wheels are correctly aligned is essential to car maintenance. If your wheel alignment (or tracking) is skewed in any way, this can cause your steering to be inaccurate, potentially causing an accident. Over time, alignment and balance deteriorate due to potholes and uneven roads. If left unchecked, this can cause uneven wear on your tyres, leading to poor fuel efficiency and unbalanced pressure on your suspension. This could cause you to lose control of your vehicle. If your straight steering is maintained through servicing, you can avoid additional repair costs such as tyre and suspension arm replacement.

    What Are The Signs That You Require a Wheel Alignment?

    • Uneven or rapid tire wear
    • The car is pulling to the right or left
    • Squealing tires
    • Noisy steering
    • The steering wheel is crooked when you are driving straight

    Check out our guide for more information on the signs of wheel alignment.

    How Often Should Wheel Alignment Be Done?

    It is recommended that you get your wheels aligned every 6,000 miles. However, if you notice that your wheel alignment is off, then please get in touch as soon as possible. It is important to remember that wheel alignment is not checked as part of your MOT test.

    Wheel Alignment Repair in Rotherham – Get in Touch!

    As a Bosch-accredited service centre, we are uniquely positioned to provide the best value services for your vehicle. Due to the equipment and expertise, we are certified to perform repairs on vehicles still under the manufacturer’s warranty. This means that drivers of new cars no longer have to pay excessive amounts to major dealers for their services. We guarantee to save you 66% on labour costs on every service, so get in touch with the Walker Cutting team today to book your service.

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