Special Offers & Discounts from Walker Cutting

As a Bosch service centre we often have great offers on all kinds of services and products. These offers regularly change so keep an eye on this section to make the most of any Bosch special offers that we are promoting. As one of hundreds of Bosch service centres around the country we are proud to offer extremely high service levels for all of our work, whether you need a motor home MOT or an air conditioning service, we are the perfect place to help.

Now available: we’re offering a new discount.

MOT Offer

We’re delighted to offer the best value MOTs in Rotherham-  starting from only £30 for cars, with a free retest within 10 days. Our MOT experts are thorough & reliable- we believe in quality MOT checks that leave you with peace of mind above all else. Not only do we guarantee a top quality MOT, but our £30 offer means you’re getting great value too!

If you’re interested in our £30 MOTs, contact us today.

Free Wheel Alignment Check Now Available

We’re delighted to offer free wheel alignment checks, as part of our commitment to deliver great car tracking & balancing services to drivers in Rotherham. Our brand new, state of the art tracking builds a fast & exact picture of your car’s wheel alignment, so our team can identify any risks to your tracking quickly and efficiently.