Risks of Steering Loss

Steering loss is thankfully a rare situation for drivers to find themselves in. However you might find your steering begins to suffer, and regular check-ups with a qualified mechanic can be a great way to keep your car running smoothly. As Rotherham’s top steering repair service centre, Walker Cutting is ready to help diagnose and repair any potential issues in your car steering.

If your steering ever does cut out on you, pull over and safely stop immediately and contact roadside assistance.

What are some of the possible causes of steering loss?


Ball joint wear

One of the side effects of bad weather driving can be increased wear to the ball joint & socket. You may be able to hear this as wear continues. Confusingly, this can lead to steering being either too loose or two tight. Uneven tyre wear, caused by damage to the suspension, can also be a sign that the ball joint has been damaged.


Steering lock fault

Steering locks can restrict your steering by jamming- this can be due to the weight of the car limited the mechanism’s movement enough to unlock itself. If this happens you’ll need to gently and slowly move the car a few feet, either by pushing or rolling, or otherwise raise the car on a jack, in order to remove the pressure on the steering lock. If you do decide to roll the car, be aware that if the engine is off you may need to exert more pressure on the brakes in order to safely stop.


Power steering fluid

Check the power steering fluid- and ensure you’re using a recommended brand for your car. If the fluid reservoir begins to run low, you’ll notice a decline in steering control. You’ll need to check the fluid level and if necessary refill it, as otherwise engine parts could be damaged.


Factory fault

In 2009, mini cooper was forced to announce almost a quarter of a million of its cars, made between 2001 and 2007, could potentially have control problems. 223,000 mini owners were warned about potentially dangerous steering control problems caused by the power steering pump.



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