Main dealer quality VW servicing

We charge just 1/3 the labour rates of the main dealers- but our team of Bosch-endorsed experts are certified to provide the exact same service.


VW specialist Walker Cutting provides a higher standard of car care, better customer service and better value, than any VW service centre Rotherham has to offer!

The importance of great value for money when choosing a VW specialist shouldn’t mean compromising on quality. Your priority should always be the best possible workmanship on your car. When looking for a specialist VW service, Rotherham-based Walker Cutting should be first on your list- our team of Bosch-certified experts can handle any car issues, from diagnostics and servicing to MOTs and tyre changes, in a fast, professional way. And with our much-coveted Bosch-certification status (something that takes a higher standard of car care, customer service and workshop kit) we can very often source any parts needed for your VW or German car at a lower price than main dealer service centres! At our specialist, VW service centre, Rotherham drivers can expect not just fast, efficient service with an expert eye for detail, but also prices far lower than you’d pay at a main dealer service centre.

We’re also diesel specialists, and our team provide expert VW DPF regeneration. Rotherham drivers bring all kinds of cars to Walker Cutting, but our German car specialisation really helps us stand out- so your VW can get a second-to-none service, diagnostic or repair from real experts. We’re especially proud to carry the much-sought after Bosch badge, something that takes a higher standard of skill, professionalism, experience and customer service than most service centres can match. But we do- because we take pride in our work & put customers first.

What’s more we only charge 1/3 the labour rates!

You could save a fortune through Walker Cutting by paying 33% of the labour costs than main dealers charge for a VW service. Rotherham’s drivers keep coming back to us- not just because of our famous customer service and superior workmanship, but our great prices. Our many happy customers can attest to the value we place in going the extra mile and helping keep you moving: why not bring your VW to us for its next service and join them?

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