New Year Car Care Checklist

Start your car’s year right with help from the best auto service in Rotherham.

Want to avoid car trouble in 2016? Here are a few easy car care steps you can take.


The top car servicing & MOT centre in Rotherham is ready to help you get your car back into shape with our new year’s to do list.

From potholed road surfaces to corrosive salt, winter can take a toll on your car. Unfortunately, the dark, cold winter months that make driving the preferred option for even short distance travel are also the worst time for your car to be on the road. Salt and grit can damage paint and bodywork, causing rust and surface damage, while potholes and cracks in road surfaces can lead to more serious safety concerns. Engine and fluid problems caused by repeated freezing and thawing, and strain to brakes caused by icy conditions all add to the normal, day-to-day wear & tear on your car.  As winter comes to an end and Spring rolls in is, therefore, an important period in which to set some time aside and give your car some much needed TLC. A properly cared for car should have no trouble lasting for the next 12 months and beyond.


Check your car often

Remember to check all brakes, belts, fluids hoses and wipers. It’s important to adhere to the safety standards directed in your owner’s manual, and always let the car’s engine cool before checking. If you have any doubt at all, remember it is far safer to ask a professional- they will not only be able to check correctly, but will be able to make an assessment you can rely on, advise you on how to proceed, and instruct you on the best & safest methods to check in future. Many problems can only be diagnosed effectively by a professional- at Walker Cutting we have years of experience and top-quality equipment to check your car.


Check tyre alignment & wear

Always check your tyre alignment after winter- potholes caused by ice building up and cracking road surfaces can tyre misalignment, which in turn can worsen and hamper steering control and cause tyre wear. The state of your tyres is vital to safe driving in all conditions and it is recommended to get them checked regularly- this will also save you money in the long term by prolonging your tyres’ working life. Walker Cutting uses state of the art technology to test alignment and offer a free inspection to determine if your wheels have been knocked out of alignment.


The value of keeping your car clean

Finally, be sure to check & clean your car thoroughly in case of water damage or mud build-up. Winter mud can mix with road salt and form a solid, corrosive layer that damages your car. Be sure to remove this with warm water and check beneath your car, as this is where most build up will occur. It is always advisable to consult a specialist if you suspect corrosion damage, especially to the underside of your car, as this can become extremely serious if left. Remember to beware leakage into the inside of the car- very often rust can leave holes almost invisible to the naked eye. You can always trust Walker Cutting to provide professional, highly qualified and balanced advice.


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