Which Cars Are Most Reliable?

A study of the most reliable cars of 2015 has been produced by car warranty provider Warrantywise. The reputable firm which is owned by celebrity TV presenter and motoring expert Quentin Wilson conducted research throughout 2015 and they have now recently released their findings. Here are the major results from their study.

What is detailed clearly in the data compiled by Warrantywise is that cars produced in the Far East score very highly for reliability. It is Toyota that tops the dependability standings. The Toyota IQ also came top for reliability in a separate study conducted by Auto Express. It is widely considered that Toyota’s are generally a very reliable manufacturer, a view seemingly held by most Toyota owners and car garages alike.

It is quite astonishing that the top seven car manufacturers based on reliability from the Warrantywise study are car brands originating from Asia. As well as Toyota heading the findings it is Honda; Suzuki; Mitsubishi; Mazda; Hyundai and Nissan that also score highly on dependability and that take up positions 2-7 respectively in the list of the most reliable car manufacturers.

Whilst Asian cars dominate the standings for reliability they are not the cheapest cars to repair and European counterparts generally cost less to fix. The study by Warrantywise found that Smart, who are a Mercedes-Benz owned manufacturer, had the cheapest vehicles to fix, with the average car repair costing as little as £390.

MG; Fiat; Peugeot and Ford were the other four manufacturers that the study found had the cheapest average car repair costs. Other major European car brands were also found to be relatively cheap to repair. Renault and SEAT costing less than £500 to repair based on average car repair costs and Citroën repairs cost on average £501 according to Warrantywise.

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In the Warrantywise reliability study luxury car brands somewhat unsurprisingly came out as being among the more expensive manufacturers to fix repairs for. The average repair cost for an Audi is reported by Warrantywise to be £620 whilst the average repair price for a Mercedes or BMW exceeds £700. As a German car specialist, Walker Cutting offer some of the best value German car repairs available anywhere in the UK. If you are looking for a great price from a specialist garage contact us today to book an appointment either via phone or through our online enquiry form.

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