Signs of Engine Power Loss

If you have your foot fully down on the accelerator yet your car is not speeding away, this is a detectable sign of a fuel system malfunction. This may seem obvious but your car may well be performing competently for the most part but is lacking this acceleration when you are at full throttle.

The main signs of a loss of power in a car engine (Deisel & Petrol Engine)

Similarly, if your car really struggles up hills and is lacking the power to successfully manage steep inclines this indicates a power loss. If your vehicle cuts out or chugs up any kind of ascent, it can be reasonably diagnosed that a clogged fuel filter is to blame. Over time the fuel filter naturally becomes dirty and therefore the fuel pump has to battle harder to push through fuel. As it does the fuel injector eventually becomes blocked.What are the signs of a loss of power in car engine?

Another signal of a loss of power in your car is a smoking or backfiring exhaust. If your exhaust is doing this it can be attributed to there being either too little fuel or too much spark; either way this can bring about power loss.

If you find that your vehicle shakes and tremors while you are idling at a traffic light, the likely explanation is again that your car is suffering from a loss of power in the engine system. If your air to fuel ratio is out this can cause a blocked fuel injector which would cause this problem.

The last sign of a loss of power in your car engine is that the check engine light has come on. A great deal of the issues that this light detects are related to power loss so be sure to listen to this warning and seek to fix whatever it is that is causing power loss in your car.

How to solve a loss of power in your car engine

You could be experiencing just one or any number of these prognostic signs of car power loss. Thankfully these ailments can often be treated with a simple fuel injector cleaning service such as Tetraclean. A simple one of cleaning procedure with the Injector Max machine at Walker Cutting will blast away any dirt that is blocking the fuel injector and restore your car power, increase mpg and improve fuel consumption.

If your car is displaying any symptoms of power loss bring it to us today and with our Fortron fuel injector cleaning service you could leave the same day with a car that has been completely re-energised.

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