What can Walker Cutting Do for you?

Nothing compares to a well-made, German-engineered car. Prowess on the road, luxury behind the wheel, exacting precision under the bonnet. For practicality, it’s no wonder many small businesses and traders use German vans. If your new car or van is hot off the autobahn, you’ll need to take care to make sure that any repairs are done to a high standard.

We Brits love our cars. And with high insurance and other car-related costs, across the country we want our cars in the very best shape, all year round. And whether it is specialist fixes or more general car repair, Rotherham is no different. Yet when you’re truly discerning car owner with a real concern to keep you car on top form, it can be even harder to decide who to go to.

Walker Cutting is a branch of the Bosch garage group based in Rotherham. A small independent chain, we nonetheless offer our customers a top quality service, letting our passion for German engineered cars spur us to higher and higher standards of car repair.

For all car services, especially BMW or Mercedes servicing, or car or van MOTs, Rotherham- based Walker Cutting can offer experienced, in-depth knowledge to keep your car running perfectly. We specialise in all forms of servicing, tracking repair, and MOTs on German-made cars, and are registered with BMW and Mercedes. When you bring your Audi, BMW, Porsche, VW or Mercedes car or van to us, not only do we have the in-depth knowledge and accreditation to perform the work required, but we share the appreciation for these advanced cars and their high quality of workmanship. From diagnostic testing, through to tracking repair to car services and a full MOT, if you live in the Rotherham area and are lucky enough to own a German made car, come and see what the only BMW & Mercedes-registered car service centre in Rotherham has to offer!



Walker Cutting is Rotherham’s top garage for everyday car repair, car tracking and steering realignment, ABS brake repair, service & MOT’s.

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